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With these applications you can earn money in April 2021 – Apps – Technology

In times of pandemic the digital field has ‘sent the stop’ in the world.

During times of confinement – which are not yet fully over, as the virus is still latent – people were able to communicate through the use of their digital devices. In addition, thanks to internet interfaces and technological platforms, it was possible to adapt work to the home in order to avoid contagion and the spread of the new coronavirus.

There are also methods of earn extra money using tools from the digital world, particularly mobile applications.

Know here some of the tools that could help your economy.

It is worth noting that you are appsDepending on the services offered, they will request something in return, such as registration through the use of personal data.

Money app

It specializes in market analysis and its name is precisely due to the fact that it is exclusively dedicated to making money.

Depending on your device and the particular indications, you will be able to register and complete certain types of tasks; In addition, one of the key points of the app is your feedback from the experience. Money App generally pays through a PayPal account.

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Google opinion rewards

It will allow you to earn monetary rewards by answering surveys. Of course: you will have to subscribe and provide the information required by the developers.

The type of application payment, usually is directed to bonuses on Google Play, the virtual store of the technology giant.


With the same operation of an advertising agent, this app becomes a channel between someone who takes a photograph and specialized agencies.

Depending on the quality of the image – sometimes aided by the type of ‘smartphone’ – the photographer may auction it off based on an agreement with the online community, as users have the ability to rate the photo.

Tips for taking better photos

Suitable cell phone: If you are going to change mobile equipment, megapixels, lenses and software have a great weight when it comes to choosing. The fidelity of the photo you capture will depend, to a large extent, on them.


It works like a big ad window: when your phone is locked, ads will appear on your screen. If you want, you can access it.

In that way? Simple: you will be paid to host the advertising of other specific sites agreed with the application.

The payment is virtual and, according to ‘La República’, from Peru, you have to wait approximately three months to obtain the first benefits.

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Get people to answer surveys and give their opinions on the use of digital products or services. By prior registration, Attapoll users will be able to make a profit after the analysis of the responses by each company.

According to specialized pages, people interested in earning extra money in this way should be aware of their cell phone notifications, since the surveys arrive immediately and have a specific time limit to be answered.

Cell phones

Some money making apps will ask you to play games or watch videos.


This is a great health food store for ‘influencers’.

The application aims to create a community dedicated to the care of beauty, the body and the home. Musely allows you to create an online store in order to offer products for sale.

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A great ‘online’ book store: allows you to buy and sell used books.

After registering, you will be able to publicize the texts that you have for sale and, depending on the price, some other user of the application will be able to buy it.

Although it is not an ‘exclusive’ application to earn money without making much effort, it is useful to connect a large global network of book sales.


In times of pandemic you have to think of other ‘tactics’ to sell your books.


Jaime Moreno. TIME


This app pays after registration. The user will have to play games, watch videos, answer surveys and provide other services related to external products and services.


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