With the arrival of winter, the worst of the pandemic in Mexico looms: Dr. Alejandro Macías

The specialist infectologist, Alejandro Macías, stated that the worst of the pandemic in Mexico is yet to come, as January can be a more complicated date, due to seasonal viruses and because “people do not stop moving.

“It can still get worse, it may not stop there, we may be about to see the worst in a good part of Mexico. January can be a more difficult date, although there are few winter viruses like the influenza and coronavirus (traditional colds) “, said the specialist in an interview Ciro in the morning of Radio Fórmula.

In addition, he stated that saturation of hospitals It has to do with the fact that society has not stopped moving, so the government has lost the room for maneuver; “Many people leave home to work because they live from day to day, but there are also people who have pandemic fatigue“.

“Despite that, there are people who keep coming out and meeting, we have to demand the government but there are individual responsibilities that have been omitted ”, highlighted Dr. Macías.

In the same way, he affirmed that the health system is saturated, because in addition to there are no beds with fans, if the hospital capacity there will be no staff to attend to them.

“People already know, we all know how things are, each one has a traffic light inside. The difficult thing about the war is not to enter but to leave ”, he asserted.

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