With special care in the cold chain, they finished distributing the 300 thousand doses of the Sputnik V vaccine in all the provinces

“We did a really important operation, unpacking (the vaccines), checking that they were perfect, that the temperature was maintained all the time and repacking again with tons of dry ice; they worked day and night in several shifts and that made yesterday to at dawn the trucks will start to leave the whole country “, detailed today the Minister of Health, Ginés González García.

The device established the following cast: Buenos Aires, 123,000 vaccines; Santa Fe 24,100; the Buenos aires city, 23.100; Córdoba 21.900; Tucuman, 11.500; Mendoza, 11.000; Between rivers, 10.100; Jump, 8.300; Chaco, 7.700; Currents, 6.700; Santiago del Estero, 5.900; Missions, 5.200; San Juan, 4.700; Jujuy, 4.600; Black river, 4.400; Neuquén, 3.600; Formosa, 3.400; saint Louis, 3.300; Chubut, 3.000; Catamarca, 2.800; The Rioja, 2.600; Santa Cruz, 2.400; The Pampa, 2,300 and Land of Fire, 1.300.

Province of Buenos Aires: 123,000 doses

The Buenos Aires Vice Minister of Health, Nicolas Kreplak, revealed that in the province there are already more than 250,000 registered to get vaccinated and confirmed that vaccination will be “with a shift system.” “All the state offices will be available to manage the population’s shifts, because we are going to work everything with a shift system,” Kreplak stressed in radio statements. In that framework, the Buenos Aires official indicated that it is not “a possible option for people to queue, especially due to the population at risk” who are being asked to “stay at home.”

“We need everyone to have a turn, for that we need everyone to be able to access the internet or manage a web page, which we know does not always happen. Therefore, the entire State will be prepared to manage and help each one of the citizens, “he emphasized.

“They can be vaccinated in the province of Buenos Aires if they are domiciled in the City, but they work in the health system of the province. They can be vaccinated in their workplace”, precise.

Meanwhile, he indicated that “the rest of the people who live in the City of Buenos Aires are going to have to be vaccinated in the City of Buenos Aires because there is a distribution of vaccines based on the population.”

“There are 123 thousand doses that go to the Province, and two-thirds go to the Conurbano (Buenos Aires). We are going to start in the entire province simultaneously, but due to population density the area that most (vaccines) will have is the Conurbano “, he described.

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There are 123,000 doses for the province of Buenos Aires

There are 123,000 doses for the province of Buenos Aires

In this first stage of the plan, the vaccination of men and women in the health system is foreseen, while the next phase will include security and education workers; people over 60 years old and those between 18 and 59 years old who are at risk groups for presenting pre-existing diseases.

Córdoba: 21,900 doses

The governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, supervised this Monday together with the Minister of Health Diego Cardozo the adaptation works of the Brigadier General Juan Bautista Bustos Convention Center, where it is expected to immunize 7,000 health agents in the capital city, between December 29, 2020 and December 2, January 2021.

The governor indicated that, as planned, “in this first stage we are going to vaccinate, according to the doses that arrive, the health personnel who were in the first line of combat against Covid-19.”

Rio Negro: 4,400 doses

The government of Black river began the operation to distribute the doses of Sputnik V in the hospitals of Viedma, General Roca, Cipolletti, San Carlos de Bariloche, Allen and Villa Regina on the eve of the start of the first stage of the national Vaccination Plan, it was officially reported today.

As detailed in an official statement, of the 2,200 doses that were destined for Río Negro, 500 are for Bariloche, 500 for General Roca, 500 for Cipolletti, 300 for Villa Regina, 200 for Allen and another 200 for the provincial capital.

The doses correspond to the first stage of the Vaccination Plan established by the national government, which tomorrow will begin to be applied to the personnel of Rio Negro Intensive Care Units and PCR test laboratories.

San Luis: 3,300 doses

The health authorities of saint Louis received the first doses of the vaccine Sputnik V, who arrived at the Provincial Rehabilitation Center in two conservatives, and confirmed that the vaccine will be applied from 9 to local health personnel.

The provincial ministers of Health, Silvia Sosa Araujo, and of Science and Technology, Alicia Bañuelos, together with the director of the San Luis Hospital, José Nuñez, and the chief of Epidemiology, Rodrigo Verdugo, received the vaccines at 7.30 and witnessed the opening of the first conservative with 450 doses of Sputnik V.

“It is a very emotional moment,” said Sosa Araujo at the Hospital of San Luis, the capital that received 450 of the 3,300 doses delivered to the province by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Simultaneously, there was another delivery of vaccines in the Regional Hospital “Juan Domingo Perón”, in Villa Mercedes.

Those doses “will begin to be applied on Tuesday morning to health workers in direct contact with Covid-19 patients,” confirmed the coordinator of the Ministry of Health, Rosa Dávila, who explained that the first group will be Service personnel Provincial Emergencies (SEMPRO), doctors and nurses.

The official said that “1,800 doses arrived in the province, also distributed in the ‘Madre Catalina Rodríguez’ hospital in Merlo” and explained that “a list of priorities was established that will be expanded as more vaccines are received, until they can be applied to the entire population”.


Formosa: 3.400

The head of the Immunization Department of the Ministry of Human Development of Formosa, Julio Arroyo, affirmed that the province has an “ideal” technical refrigeration capacity to protect the first 3,400 doses of vaccines Sputnik V against coronavirus.

In a statement from the provincial Communications Undersecretary, Arroyo assured that the doses to be distributed in the provincial territory will be stored at a temperature of -20 ° C.

“Formosa has nine 400-liter freezers,” said the official and stressed that in the next few days 15 more will be added.

“We also have three transport mobiles, perfectly equipped. With adequate refrigeration systems to start the logistics of vaccines,” he said.

Arroyo recalled that Formosa until now maintained an acceptable health status based on the care observed by the population and recommended maintaining the use of the chinstrap, maintaining hygiene and respecting social distancing.

Currents: 6,700 doses

Meanwhile, the Government of Corrientes confirmed that it received this Monday 6.700 dosis de la Sputnik V and that the application will be made on Tuesday from 9 to the staff of the field hospital in the provincial capital.


“We have good news: on Monday we received the vaccine and on Tuesday at 9 in the morning we began with the vaccination plan with which we are going to start vaccinating the health team of the field hospital,” said Governor Gustavo Valdés .

The Corrientes president announced that the Central Laboratory staff will be immunized in the same batch and that they will continue “with all our doctors and nurses who are on the front line.”

“It is very good news for all Corrientes”, He supported and celebrated the news by stating that “in this way we began to beat the coronavirus together.”

Jujuy: 3,000 doses

For its part, the Government of Jujuy indicated that this Monday some 2.250 vacunas Sputnik V and that on Tuesday at 9 o’clock the inoculations will begin to the personnel of the Intensive Therapy Units (ICU), central guards, SAME and laboratory technicians who process samples.


According to official information, the first vaccines against Covid-19 were received at the Field Hospital located in San Salvador de Jujuy. The first people to receive the doses in Jujuy will be Dr. Claudia Marcela Acosta, chief physician of the San Roque Hospital Infectious Disease Service, and Dr. Gabriel Layme, from SAME, the sources reported.

Santa Fe: doses for 5 locations

Meanwhile, the Government of Santa Fe indicated from 9:15 the doses are expected to the cities of Rosario, Santa Fe, Rafaela, Venado Tuerto and Reconquista. In this regard, Governor Omar Perotti specified in a statement that “21 storage centers were defined to receive vaccines in this instance, where the same transport that has taken over the national scheme will arrive with the security of not altering the cold that is the one that must be protected at all times “.


Santa Cruz: 450 doses

Meanwhile, the first load of the Russian vaccine arrived in Rio Gallegos on Sunday night on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight, in the midst of a security operation coordinated between federal and provincial forces.

Cabinet officials of Governor Alicia Kirchner were waiting at the capital’s international airport for Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR 1800, which arrived after 9 p.m. with the first load of 450 doses for direct coronavirus care personnel at Río Gallegos and El Calafate hospitals.

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Presidency Press

“Direct care personnel in the critical areas that are most exposed will be vaccinated, in the southern part of the province, in the hospitals of Río Gallegos and El Calafate,” Claudio García, Minister of Health and Environment, told Télam. This first batch of vaccines was loaded into Andreani’s mobile, which left for the center of the city, flanked by two motorcycles and a Santa Cruz Police van and two airport security police (PSA) mobiles.

The PSA had about 15 troops available for the security operation coordinated in the province by the Minister of Security, Lisandro de la Torre. García reported that tomorrow the cargo corresponding to the first stage of vaccination will arrive at Caleta Olivia for personnel from the Covid-19 areas of that city, Las Heras, Pico Truncado and Puerto Deseado. “

As specified, the Health personnel who will be inoculated in the different stages, from the second week of January to the month of March, are about 8,000 people throughout the province and adults over 60 years, about 30,000 people, for which the national government will do the validation through the ANMAT “.

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