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With memes users react to the blackout

This afternoon the electric power service was interrupted in various states of the country and Mexico City which, in a year that has been full of surprises and uncertainty, became the perfect pretext to do memes and speculate on a possible Joke for the April Fools’ Day or because the end of the world is approaching.

Various areas of Mexico City and the State of Mexico recorded the suspension of electric power service around 2:30 p.m. He Energy cut Electricity also occurred in the central zone of Monterrey, Nuevo León and in municipalities such as Apodaca, Cadereyta, San Nicolás and in some areas of Ciudad Guadalupe.

According to information from the National Energy Control Center (Prices), the blackout was due to an “imbalance” between the load and the power generation. While the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) said that the power outage was not due to either power distribution or transmission.

But the situation served to flood the social networks of memes and position hashtag as #no light and # blackout.

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With the blackout, what happens?

Here are some of the memes that are circulating in Twitter so you can have some fun while we wait to confirm that it is not a sign that the end of the world is approaching.

Innocent popcorn

We need a hero

Is it a sign?

The expert will know what to do


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2020 is over, what nerves

I would say yes

I do want to work but …

Better be ready

Everything can happen

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Everything was calculated

And nothing

Bad time for low battery

So someone in every house

Maybe he just wanted to give us a romantic moment

It is better to check it is not just one

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