With Gatell as the vaccination leader, every suspicion of mismanagement is valid

The parliamentary group of PAN in the Chamber of Deputies assured that before the arrival of more Covid vaccines and derived from the first load of supplies to Mexico a few days ago, it is necessary to create a Citizen Observatory Council that attests to both the receipt, receipt and application thereof.

Through federal deputy Rigoberto Mares Aguilar, the blue and white said that this proposal goes hand in hand with the work carried out by the Mexican Army, but “with Undersecretary López-Gatell commanding the strategy, all kinds of suspicions about other mismanagement are valid at this time,” he said.

While celebrating the advancement of science and speaking out, the PAN in the Chamber of Deputies sent its congratulations to those who created the vaccine, but the federal legislator pointed out that Mexico should see this opportunity as a lesson, but it should also be saved in the political memory of Mexico, “where the president could not, where half the cabinet resigned him and where more families also lost their assets because no one approached them for help.”

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These misfortunes, he indicated, are the effect of not knowing how to take the reins of the federal government and of the lack of experience in the implementation of public policy, such as the one he showed throughout these months, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“A man who, when he governed the then Federal District, left him in debt, left him with the highest unemployment rate and with the most shameful economic growth, those are the profiles of today, of the men of the past dressed as Morena”, Held.

The growth of the pandemic in Mexico It is an example of what should not be done more in the world, warned the PAN legislator after asking that citizens should have explicit participation in the country’s vaccination agenda.

“We do not want to think that Gatell has already vaccinated his family or friends of the government, this, before his obsession to control these shipments.”

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He recalled that the PAN has already raised its voice so that the Federation authorizes the state governments to make their purchases and it is not the 4T who wants to hang the medal of “salvation”; This is a commercial act where there are public resources involved and not the presidential kindness.


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