With everything and an oxygen tank, man vacation in Acapulco

The photograph of a man vacationing with everything and an oxygen tank on a beach in Acapulco It has generated outrage on social media. After the image circulated through various Twitter and Facebook accounts, users highlighted the unconsciousness of the people despite the fact that the infections of the new coronavirus are increasing in Mexico.

In the image, An older adult is observed without a mask and connected to an oxygen tank; In addition, several people are also seen without maintaining a healthy distance.he. According to various comments, the man only put on a mask when a group of doctors urged him to do so and provided him with one.

Despite the call that the authorities have made not to go on vacation, avoid meetings and stay home, The Diamond area of ​​Acapulco registered 49% of hotel occupancy this Saturday, according to the local Tourism Secretariat.


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