With Diego at the head, the burning of dolls will be carried out in La Plata

Every year the residents of La Plata hold a particular event that involves the burning of dolls to say goodbye to the year and receive the one that comes in.

This year due to the pandemic, the event will only have a maximum duration of 30 minutes in which 61 participants signed up.

The Municipality gave some guidelines not to cancel the event, firstly limiting the schedule so that the dolls must burn between 1 and 1:30 in the morning.
Of the 61 registered and authorized dolls, 10 will refer to Maradona. In the places where Diego can be observed it will be at 25 and 69, 24 and 63, 526 and 6 (the hand of God), 10 between 520 and 521, 10 and 40, 121 and 36, 19 and 61, 27 and 66 , 60 and 135 and in 503 and 19 (the World Cup and the Hand).

Former technical director Alejandro Sabella will also have his tribute on 152nd and 72nd streets with Diego, el Chavo and the neighborhood. Another characteristic character of our country is Mafalda, who will have hers at the corner of 65 and 17 and those referring to the coronavirus at 6 and 80 bis, 35 and 26 and at 18 between 658 and 659.

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