With a “handkerchief” and with the presence of grandmothers, mothers and daughters, on the green side the law is already beating

Feminists up to 90 years old and young women, united in front of Congress while waiting for the vote
Feminists up to 90 years old and young women, united in front of Congress while waiting for the vote

The round of exhibitions progresses in the enclosure according to the planned schedule. The vote count still leaves the goal uncertain. And the only sure forecast announces rains at dawn. Even so, in the green sector the streets continue to party, with an emotion that is felt in the air.

Although the afternoon heat seems set to begin to ease, the air is still dense. The density of the mass, of many bodies together appropriating the spaces. But the air of emotions, of a superior sensitivity every time the screams affirm loud and clear: “Today we are going with the law.”

"It is urgent" say the posters they asked for "Legal abortion 2020"
“It is urgent” say the posters calling for “Legal abortion 2020”

At 7 pm, “historical” and “modern” referents of the Campaign for Safe and Free Legal Abortion took the stage. Through the giant screens they could be seen from any corner. Follow her steps to the rhythm: the gentle downward slopes of the old fighters, the effusive jumps of the newest. Until it was the moment of the “handkerchief”, and all ─great / small / major / minor─ with the same energies raised their green rags to the sky, as a divine offering. “Today we are going with the law.”

With the night vegetarian menus circulate, while without flinching on each sidewalk the carts with grilled meat smoke. Marcianitos frozen beers and juices are the great attraction of the day. And from the walls the posters adorn the show: “Our desire is urgent”, “This tide is made of the ancestors and our girls”, “The triumph will be for everyone”, “We are tide, we are revolution.”

He "handkerchief" convened by the Campaign for the Right to legal, safe and free abortion (AFP)
The “handkerchief” called by the Campaign for the Right to legal, safe and free abortion (AFP)

Hot vigil

Ayelén lives in Tierra del Fuego, in the city of Ushuaia. It does not conceive so much heat. His hands perspire and his green headband slides through his hair. He fans with the shirt. Still not conceiving so much heat.

“As a Fuegian, I mainly feel warm, but also a lot of adrenaline from being here in this crowd. It’s very exciting. I believe that today the law goes out or goes out. I am with that feeling, which I did not have in 2018. And it is an immense joy. I have fought in other causes but never with these satisfactions ”.

"From here we go with the law"they say
“From here we go with the law,” they say

Ayelén is the mother of Vera, 15 months old. With his partner they traveled from the southernmost point of the continent. At the vigil in Congress they also decided to bring the little girl’s grandmother and great-grandmother, from the urban areas.

“The four generations decided to come to live this moment in the square because it is time to advance in our right to the autonomy of our bodies. That we are contesting, our freedom. I decided to have a baby a year ago and was extremely conscious, but when I decided to have an abortion, I did it accompanied by feminist organizations. The axis is the desire or not that we have women and people with the ability to gestate. The idea It is not to force anyone but that there is freedom full of decision ”.

Ayelén breaks down. She watches her daughter adjust a little green sequined buckle that they just bought for her. “We are going to leave our descendants the right to decide, as the grandmothers left us the right to vote and the mothers to divorce. She will fight for other rights. But I find it extremely interesting to be able to instill in her as a child that we always but always have to fight ”.

There was a "handkerchief" on stage (photos: Nicolás Stulberg)
There was a “handkerchief” on stage (photos: Nicolás Stulberg)

Cecilia is Vera’s grandmother and she can’t (and doesn’t seem to want to) hide a huge smile. Not even under the chinstrap. “I am immensely happy. Coming all together was a milestone for the family. It is something we have been fighting for, for which we fervently believe. And from my mom down we want the best for Vera… so how could we not be here on this day? We are making it easier for you. My granddaughter and the others will be able to be freer, what is the important”.

Marta is Vera’s great-grandmother. Speak quietly. “I live well being here today because obviously we are going to leave something better for my great-granddaughter. I do not know if a more beautiful country, but surely one more tool to defend itself. In my time there was no talk of abortion. The abortions were hidden. I have faith that today we are going with the law ”.


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