With 55 new deaths in the province, Rosario added 37 deaths and accumulated 80 in a week

In this Monday’s report, 55 deaths were reported, of which 37 patients resided in Rosario (between 52 and 96 years old), 8 in the city of Santa Fe (between 68 and 89 years old), 4 in San Lorenzo (48, 67, 78 and 83 years old), 2 from Sunchales (76 and 82 years old), 1 from Rafaela (67 years old), 1 from Humberto Primo (82 years old), 1 from Aldao (59 years old) and 1 from Las Couples (42 years old).

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With these numbers, Rosario adds 1,541 deaths in total, of which 385 occurred so far in December.

The province of Santa Fe accumulates 2,856 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

This Monday’s report reported 703 new infections, leading to a total of 172,384 positives. 160,502 patients recovered from the disease and 9,026 currently have Covid-19.

At this time, there are 251 patients admitted to the general ward and 124 to the Intensive Care Unit, 107 with mechanical ventilation and 17 without artificial respiration.

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