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Witchcraft, the ancient practice that has resurfaced on the Internet

In social networks, many practices, rites and studies of what are called “occult sciences” have gained popularity in recent years. We find out why.

Luz Lancheros, MWN

Controversial, persecuted, violated. The witches in history have been relegated to the villains of the stories and the objects of persecution of governments and religious establishments for centuries. Witchcraft, the ancient practice that has resurfaced on the Internet

But in 2021, everything has changed: in fact, it could be a Generation Z or Millennial girl, probably a feminist, who loves the goth aesthetic and has references like those of the famous 90’s movie “Young Witches” or something less cliché .

Witchcraft, the ancient practice that has resurfaced on the Internet

She also shares her rituals on social media like Tiktok, where this category has 3.8 billion views, to begin with.

There are rites with salt, crystals, moorings and even dolls that obey the voodoo practice.

Now, on Instagram there are popular accounts such as Witches of Insta, with more than 300 thousand followers, or The Hoodwitch, with more than 400 thousand.

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These give you practical and attractive tips, and more than 5 million posts with the hashtag #witchcraft.

Witchcraft, the ancient practice that has resurfaced on the Internet

There are even podcasts like I AM Goddess Collective, whose motto is to lead a “lifestyle for the modern mystical woman.”

Likewise, groups that redefine the stereotype and infuse it with feminism, social struggles, and empowerment are popular on the web.

There are collectives like Witchcraft Assemblage, The Queer Witch Collective and Black Femme Witches Brew, in that sense.

There are also popular people who redefine non-Christian beliefs and practices in all languages.

“There are people who think it is fashionable to do rituals on TikTok, but that is like playing Russian roulette”

Ariel Ramos, advisor on esoteric issues

This, in the sense of making them more accessible to Internet users.

Thus they give parts of identification for knowledge or for seeking something beyond the traditional answers.

But how did witchcraft begin to reinvent itself as a popular and attractive phenomenon in recent years?

TV witches and “collective curses”

In the 70s and 80s, with the feminist movements of that time, practices and beliefs such as Wiccan were rediscovered.

Also the review of the phenomenon of the witch in culture and society.

By 2013, shows like American Horror Story: Coven (with “Charmed” as its predecessor) were disruptive in presenting them as icons of coolness and fashion.

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Witchcraft, the ancient practice that has resurfaced on the Internet

In the same years, rapper Azealia Banks was curious, just as she frightened many people, about her witchcraft practices (she still does).

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In 2016, many witches came together to cast a spell on Brock Turner. The same happened with Donald Trump, when Lana del Rey put a collective curse against him on his website.

And of course, Tumblr popularized its aesthetic.

Netflix, for its part, revived Sabrina Spellman in a darker and more contemporary key, making these practices even more attractive.

But, why in the 21st century many people, especially millennials and Generation Z, see in these practices and all their variants something so attractive?

A 2019 Pew Research study showed that four out of ten millennials were not affiliated with any religious beliefs, not at least in the traditional sense.

Witchcraft, the ancient practice that has resurfaced on the Internet

On the other hand, and despite technological advances, the human being has always sought meaning in the non-tangible.

“Witchcraft and esotericism is like a guilty pleasure for some. I feel that we all believe in something from having a lucky bracelet, talking alone with a close person who has already left, or looking at your horoscope ”.

“I learned that unlike what many people think, spirituality, religion and even science go hand in hand.”

“Currently, in a new technological and social revolution, people keep looking at the sky wondering who is going to answer all their answers or doubts about life.”

This is what the communicator and advisor on esoteric issues Ariel Ramos told Metro, on Twitter @arycarangi.

On the other hand, esotericism goes beyond a “magical” ritual that appears out of nowhere.

In fact, it is knowledge of various cultures and civilizations prior to Jesus Christ and other than the Catholic religion.

This knowledge was transmitted from generation to generation, despite its stigmatization. “It is like mathematics: within it there is algebra, calculus, etc. The world did not start out as a Christian. Witchcraft and spirituality are not bad, they are tools: with them you decide if you get someone a house or gravestones ”, adds Ariel, who affirms that due to the popularity of his knowledge on the Internet, people consult him for work rituals , protections, and luck with money, for example.

Also, people want to know more due to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius: “We live in an information age where people are no longer satisfied with their daily lives, so people want to find the why of issues that are difficult to explain. . That is why the occult has so much appeal. Also, because people look for meaning in their lives. Many people who by reading the horoscope or the astral chart seek answers to their life and the future. ”, Kelly Torres, public relations practitioner and practitioner, explains to Metro. occult sciences, which on Twitter is known as @kellytowerss and he has become popular for his explanations of occultism.

Rituals … with caution

Kelly explains that stigmatization is due to the limited diffusion of these sciences in the West and that you have to practice these sciences with what you feel safe with: “an omen is not the same as invoking the devil, but if you start with fear a practice, that will be what you will receive. Start with love and trust and do not do practices that you do not know ”, explains the expert, who maintains that many famous and powerful people are within these practices.

Ariel agrees on this: “There are practices that are simple, but there are topics where information is needed to address them. Magic is energy and you must manipulate it with respect and ethics. There are people who think it is fashionable to do rituals on TikTok, but that is like playing Russian roulette, ”he says.

As in the subject of beliefs, for tastes, colors. But as in all practice, you must first be well informed about it before lighting a candle or doing a ritual to look “powerful” in front of friends. Perhaps for many it is a joke, but for thousands of people, for thousands of years, even in this century, it is far from being so.

3 questions to …

Andrea Cuéllar, glass therapist and author of the book “The inner revolution”

What is the study with crystals?

I study crystals as a tool rather than an amulet that makes things work out for themselves. Crystals help stabilize energy and also heal particular processes. I work with them as a living matter that has information that resonates with the minerals in the body and that seeks to transform their lives on various levels. The crystal is not something that magically solves your problems if you do not work. It is a tool. Nature gives us tools that have energies and if we vibrate with them, we can take charge of that process.

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Do we have crystals for our zodiac sign?

I don’t have that belief. Crystals help us heal for several characteristics. One, for its natural color and each one has a specific vibration. Another thing is their sacred geometry, not being made by man. But each shape has a different energy and as humans have minerals, we have that energy that resonates with them. There are tools that we use according to our context and that accompany you at a certain point in your life. That is why there are no predetermined crystals for you.

“Magic is not a purple smoke, but rather understanding that life has a synchronicity and functioning that goes beyond the tangible and is present in our existence without our realizing it.

Andrea Cuellar, therapist and author of “Healing with Crystals” and “The Inner Revolution”

Do you think science does not give all the answers to the human being?

I love science and I read about science. Without it, we would not have the advances that we have, but it is reduced to the limit of the physical and the tangible. Human beings have different dimensions. One is physical, the other is mental, the other is emotional, and the other is spiritual. And in those other dimensions science can verify theories, but they are not infallible because they are not in the tangible. Science allows me, if I get sick, to check the functioning of the body, but I can also use tools to complement my internal processes. Science must be respected, but we are integral beings and there are areas where it cannot go.

4 witchcraft accounts to follow

Witches of Insta

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Simple rituals, with attractive illustrations, as well as simple explanations of symbols, at your fingertips.

The Hoodwitch

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Astrological explanations and tarot readings accessible and translated into contemporary language.

Sabat Magazine

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Magazine that talks about witchcraft and feminism. It can be ordered in print on the same page at

I am Goddess Collective

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Podcast that talks about witchcraft as a modern lifestyle and also about feminism (Soundcloud).

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