As of: 01/06/2021 1:20 a.m.

The policeman was acquitted after the shooting at the black man Jacob Blake in the US state of Wisconsin. Blake has been paraplegic since the incident. The shooting had sparked protests against racism across the country.

Prosecutors have acquitted a white police officer of all charges following the shooting of the black man Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kenosha District Chief Prosecutor Michael Graveley dropped all charges against Police Officer Rusten Sheskey. The shots at Blake on August 23 triggered nationwide protests against racism and police violence, some of which led to serious riots. Blake has been paraplegic ever since.

Because she feared new protests on Tuesday, the city government of Kenosha had declared a state of emergency on the city before the decision of the public prosecutor and mobilized the national guard.

UN: Shots were “excessive violence”

President-elect Joe Biden had met with Blake’s family and telephoned the seriously injured man. The family man had been shot seven times in the back.

The outgoing President Donald Trump had demonstratively sided with the police and described the protests as domestic terror. The United Nations rated the policeman’s shots at the African American as “excessive violence”. Judging from the video recordings, the procedure was very likely also discriminatory, said the UN human rights office in Geneva.

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