Winds will continue to intensify in the next few hours Excelsior


The Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City activated the Orange Alert and the Yellow Alert in several city halls of the capital due to the strong winds that began yesterday and will remain today.

The agency pointed out that there is a cool to cold environment in the country’s capital, adding that the winds will continue to intensify in the next few hours so it asks the population to take precautions.

The Orange Alert is for Álvaro Obregón, Cuajimalpa, Magdalena Contreras, Milpa Alta, Tlalpan and Xochimilco.

While the Yellow Alert is for Azcapotzalco, Benito Juárez, Coyoacán, Cuauhtémoc, Gustavo A Madero, Iztacalco, Iztapalapa, Miguel Hidalgo, Tláhuac and Venustiano Carranza.

At least 20 trees, at least 10 branches and one structure fell in the Álvaro Obregón, Azcapotzalco, Coyoacán, Cuajimalpa, Gustavo A Madero, Iztapalapa Magdalena Contreras, Miguel Hidalgo, Tlalpan, Cuauhtémoc and Xochimilco mayors, where, fortunately, Civil Protection personnel and the capital police reported a white balance.

In strong winds, remember:

Do not climb to high places exposed to the wind

Store or remove objects from outside that may fall

Stay away from places with a visible risk of falling

Drive with caution

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