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Windows 10 will block 3 features for the unlicensed

The latest build of Windows 10 launched a few days ago in the canal Dev includes interesting changes in the taskbar menu, one of the most used functions of the operating system. The change affects the behavior and the options that the system shows us when we right-click on something that we have open in the bar.

New option to access recent folders faster

Currently, when we right-click on programs such as Notepad or Word, a list appears with the files that we have recently opened in that program, which is useful to quickly return to recent files. If we go to those files and left click, they open, but if we right click, more options appear.

Among those options when redoing right click on files we found the possibility of opening or printing the file, as well as pinning it or unpinning it from the recent list. In turn, we can also know its properties, giving information about its size or the route where it is located.

Now, finding the path will be easier, since Windows 10 will natively have the option to Open file location, thanks to which we will go directly to the folder in which it is located without having to search for it manually.

Fewer customization options with Windows 10 not activated

In turn, another novelty that Microsoft is testing is to eliminate options that appear when we right-click on the taskbar. Thus, the options to show the buttons or elements of the Search, Task View and Touch Keyboard. These options will still be available, but you will have to go to the settings menu to change them. This change seeks to reduce the amount of elements that appear on the screen when we right-click on the bar.

This may seem positive to make customization more comfortable, but the truth is that those who do not have the operating system activated are actually being prevented from accessing these features. If you do not have a license to activate Windows 10, it is not possible to access the customizing part Taskbar within the settings menu, so you won’t be able to hide any of those three buttons.

This is in addition to other options that can only be configured there, such as the option to display text next to the icons or the location of the taskbar. Using Windows 10 without a license is legal and there are no problems at the performance level, but some customization options are limited, such as the taskbar buttons from 21H2, which will arrive at the end of 2021.

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