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Windows 10 integrates a free tool to eliminate malware that you are interested in knowing | Technology

Windows hides a very useful tool to eliminate malware and possible threats, and it is different from Microsoft Defender.

When it comes to protecting our computers you can see the great effort that Microsoft is making in recent years to improve different aspects, and surely also erase the bad image that they have lived in these areas. But things have changed for the better.

One of the merits of the company has been in make Microsoft Defender a good program against threats and viruses, something that is especially interesting as it is free. But there are more very useful tools, like this one for Windows 10 that we are going to teach you.

One of them is Malicious Software Removal Tool (Microsoft MRT or MRST), an alternative option to the best known that complements them and that becomes useful if they have managed to deactivate other antivirus. Its objective is to discover malware and it is configured to detect the most frequent ones.

Windows 10 has many good things, but also a few that drive us crazy. We teach you how to deactivate them once and for all.

The first thing to be able to handle this tool is to open it. For that you have to to write MRT in the Start Menu and click on the available option. It will ask if you give the Malicious Software Removal Tool permissions. Accept and the following window will open.

If you give to Next, will offer 3 possible team analysis: quick, complete or personalized. In case you have no suspicions, you can click quick to analyze the most common areas where there may be malware or problems.

In a matter of minutes will analyze your computer and inform you if you suffer a problem or threat in it. As you can see, it has its own bar where it shows the process.

When i finish you will report the results and you will be able to see more details if you click on the analysis. There is no loss.

One aspect that may also be of interest is the possibility of scan a specific folder or USB stick. In case you want to do it, in the first step you have to click on Personalized analysis and select which folders you want to analyze.

Isn’t it very simple and useful? Remember to save this tool for when you notice that your Windows 10 is not doing as well as it should.

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