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Will that stay there? – City puts diamond monument in problem district

Nürnberg – The Noris now has a steal work of art!

Because the city has set up an acrylic block the size of the peace fighter of the same name on Nelson-Mandela-Platz. The curious: A rough diamond flashes at heart level. Value: around 6000 euros.

The work of art called “Rolihlahla” (middle name of Mandela, editor’s note) was cast by the Hamburg artist duo “missing icons”, Andrea Knobloch and Ute Vorkoeper.

“The diamond will definitely be stolen or the monument damaged,” says resident Asena (25). The city disagrees. “We do not believe that the diamond will be stolen,” says construction consultant Daniel Ulrich (49) to BILD.

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“It’s a statement against prejudice.” Because the block is in the southern part of Nuremberg. It is popularly known as one of THE broken glass district, with a lot of violence and anger. “We came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter where the artwork is.

The southern part of Nuremberg is not as bad as everyone says, ”said Ulrich. This is also confirmed by the police. “From a police point of view, no noticeable accumulation of criminal offenses can currently be determined on Nelson-Mandela-Platz,” said a police spokesman.

So everything’s ok there, right? The police did not want to release specific crime figures for this area. Only those for the whole city area. In 2020 there were a total of 12,461 thefts and 4,287 damage to property in Nuremberg.

It is not unreasonable that one of the next crimes against the luxury work of art could happen, after all, another Nuremberg newspaper rated the value of the diamond at 20,000 euros.

Ulrich denies this number: “It’s not that expensive. Compared to the total price of 143,000 euros, the diamond is the cheapest. “

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