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Why Mauricio Macri and Elisa Carrió will star in the real background battle that will take place in Juntos por el Cambio in 2021

Elisa Carrió and Mauricio Macri, two styles and two leaderships in dispute within Juntos por el Cambio
Elisa Carrió and Mauricio Macri, two styles and two leaderships in dispute within Juntos por el Cambio

Though Together for Change emerged unscathed from the first year he ruled Alberto Fernandez, the big question is how will you deal with tough challenge looming for 2021: amalgamate their internal differences to present the electorate with a solid proposal that allows him to win the legislative elections. It won’t be easy: 2020 ended with a truce between the hard sector and the dialogist of the opposition coalition, but are all the conditions given for them to end shocking of styles, two personalities and two ways of doing politics embodied in Mauricio Macri and Elisa Carrió.

That is perhaps the real background battle in the main opposition force: although the former president maintains a different look of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta on the strategy to confront the Government, has a relationship of many years in which it is hard imagine a break up. The same does not happen with the founder of the Civic Coalition (CC), who already made explicit that “Macri already went” and he usually poses with moderates from JxC such as the head of the Buenos Aires government and María Eugenia Vidal. That was the last input to her relationship with him, after many years of fiercely criticizing him until the peacemaking miracle of politics he made her approach him to form Let’s Change.

If any image was missing for the album of the opposition division it was the last Carrió’s birthday, last Saturday at his house in Capilla del Señor. With JxC “hawks” like Macri and Patricia Bullrich excluded from the list of 70 guests, the hostess turned a private party into a political event thanks to the diffusion on the networks of the photos of a “dove” like Rodríguez Larreta at his party.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Alfonso Prat Gay and Mario Barletta, at Elisa Carrió's birthday party
Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Alfonso Prat Gay and Mario Barletta, at Elisa Carrió’s birthday party

In addition to angrily ruling that “Macri has already gone,” the former deputy revealed that the former president had disrespected her by telling her in a telephone conversation that “It only served to report.” The fracture seemed inevitable, but the former president had an unexpected gesture: he posted on Twitter a solidarity message with Carrió for “the judicial persecution” suffered by Kirchnerism, in which he supported her and highlighted “Courage” with which “he dared to denounce acts of corruption.” That was the germ of another call in which they were able to clarify some of their differences.

This explains that since mid-November, when he questioned the founder of PRO in severe terms, Carrió has not attacked Macri more and that her darts were focused on the Government, especially Cristina Kirchner, although a month later she again kicked the shelves of Together for Change by announcing surprisingly that in the next elections it will be candidate for deputy for the province of Buenos Aires.

Was a message for Macri? A form of condition the rest of the candidacies? A sign that will not leave Vidal alone if the former governor decides to return from a Buenos Aires postulation? In the Civic Coalition, they explain that Carrió is very worried due to the signs of institutional deterioration caused by the Vice President and that to set limits it is necessary to play thoroughly with the best figures in the mother of all Argentine political battles, the province of Buenos Aires.

In that vision is not included Emilio Monzó, whom Carrió accused of having “delivered” the Buenos Aires election in 2019 for Vidal to lose. The former head of the Chamber of Deputies, more diplomatic, also put it in the crosshairs when he considered that Together for Change should be an orchestra and that those who acted as “Soloists”, in reference to the founder of the CC.

A postcard from the opposition division: Elisa Carrió received Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal at her home
A postcard from the opposition division: Elisa Carrió received Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal at her home

That exchange of “kindnesses” complicates to Rodríguez Larreta, who with the attitude of a monje zen talks to everyone in the opposition and wants rescue to Monzó because he considers it valuable for the fight in the province of Buenos Aires. The head of Government has already realized that Carrió is not part of the dialogue wing of Juntos por el Cambio, but rather the idea that to win back votes We must offer candidates who have not been burned at the stake by Macri’s management, including the president himself, of course, with whom the relationship always had ups and downs.

“Carrió is Carrió”, they affirm in their environment when asked to try to understand some of their latest movements, where their personal stamp: Say what you want regardless of the consequences. After all, it is one of the cornerstones of his fame of insobornable that distances it from conventional politics (and centrifuges many allies).

From the PRO sidewalk they could also say that “Macri is Macri.” The former president reappeared publicly in a television interview after a long silence after leaving power. Shipping signs of goodwill towards moderates like Rodríguez Larreta, even though from that sector of the opposition they said privately that they preferred that will retire of active politics.

The image of the head of government grew with his spirit of collaboration During the pandemic and for some leaders that was enough to retire Macri and elevate Rodríguez Larreta. That game crashed into zigzags Alberto Fernández, who, under Kirchner pressure involved, went from considering him a “friend” to grabbing funds at the “enemy” City of Buenos Aires, without scales.

Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at the PRO meeting in Vicente López
Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at the PRO meeting in Vicente López

The mayor of Buenos Aires was forced to Harden and there he spiritually tuned in with a tough guy like Macri, leaning back in his intransigence before the Government and in line with the people who took to the streets for multiple claims in the flags, much of which was made up of the 41% who had voted for him in 2019.

What ended up facing Carrió and Macri was the election of the Attorney General of the nation. The political head of the Civic Coalition, concerned about the “weakness” of the head of state in the face of Cristina Kirchner’s offensive, made explicit her support for Daniel Rafecas, Alberto Fernández’s candidate, as a way to avoid the loss of presidential power and institutional deterioration. For Macri, Bullrich and the hard-core JxC, it was a others dispute in the ruling party and it was not necessary to get involved.

In that climate the traumatic telephone conversation between Macri and Carrió, while the former deputy designed that breakthrough postcard which represented the summit meeting with Rodríguez Larreta and Vidal in their chacra of Capilla del Señor just when the Rafecas case divided the waters in JxC and there was no agreement in their ranks before the fleeting Cristina Kirchner’s proposal, in her first public letter, to call the political dialogue for an agenda of common issues in the midst of the economic crisis.

Macri, with Juliana Awada, and Carrió, during a lunch
Macri, with Juliana Awada, and Carrió, during a lunch

The deepening The war declared by the Government, no longer internal nuances, against the City of Buenos Aires helped “hawks” and “doves” to entrench themselves in the same nest, to such an extent that the official offensive contributed to Macri and Rodríguez Larreta meet with the rest of the PRO staff, in Vicente López, to overcome differences and design joint strategies.

The truce in the macrista force seemed to be answered by Carrió with the announcement of his candidacy in 2021 and the revelation that he does not rule out compete for the Buenos Aires government in 2023. In turn, the president of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, perhaps tired of that out-of-step waltz danced hard and by dialogists in Juntos por el Cambio, surprised with her proposal to hold internal elections in Juntos por el Cambio for “Fight for ideas” rather than for personal candidacies.

In this scenario, the UCR will have a lot of weight, whose structure at the national level is of key importance for the electoral growth of the opposition, with three governorates such as Mendoza, Corrientes and Jujuy, and which is chaired by a leader such as Alfredo Cornejo, whom the other coalition partners agree to praise.

The first big challenge That will be ahead Together for Change in 2021. In the STEP that Alberto Fernández and the governors wanted to suspend, but not Kirchnerism, one and the other, “hawks” and “doves”, tough and dialogists, will submit to the verdict of the vote. It will not only be chosen how the main opposition force will try to win the government in the legislative elections. Also, deep down, it will be at stake whose side are the people between Macri and Carrió.

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