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Why is the debate on Donald Trump’s lie in the US election | – News in Hindi

In the election of the US President, the presidential debates have great importance. Debate of Vice President is not considered to be of much importance, but this time the attention of the whole country was also on the Vice President’s debate. Perhaps the reason for this is that both the candidates for the post of President are very old. Joe Biden is 77 years old while Donald Trump is 74 years old. The first debates of presidential candidates were very disappointing because of President Donald Trump talking in between. He then became infected with the Corona virus. Vice Presidential candidates are debated only once in the entire campaign. Today’s debate in Salt Lake City sparked an interesting debate between incumbent Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic candidate Kamala Harris. At the center of the debate was the corona virus and its management. Vice President Mike Pence is also a candidate this time along with Donald Trump.

At the beginning of the debate, Kamala Harris took the Trump administration’s ways of dealing with the coronavirus epidemic. He said that more than 2,10,000 American people have died from this insurance and about 75 lakh people are suffering from coronavirus. The American people have seen that the current administration has failed to fight such a terrible disease. This government has left the people of the next batch of Jamaat fighting against this disease to die. No arrangements have been made to protect them. Th..Trump underestimated the coronavirus epidemic and discouraged people from wearing masks.

He alleged that Trump had failed miserably in combating such a terrible disease and lied constantly about coronavirus. He alleged that due to his irresponsible attitude, corona’s disease also spread to the White House. Donald Trump himself got infected. Defending Trump’s repeated lies was proving to be a grudge for Vice President Mike Pence as he himself heads the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force. In such an environment, coronavirus has become the main issue of US elections. Kamala Harris reiterated this and continued to trouble Republican candidate Mike Pence.

Now there is less than a month to vote for the US President. Coronavirus is the main electoral issue, they are being held responsible for the damage caused by this disease even after trump’s efforts. Donald Trump had made fun of his earlier President Obama’s health program, Obamacare, and finished it, that is also in the minds of the American people. a

In the last year of his tenure, Obama warned the country that if there is an outbreak of a disease like the Spanish flu of 1918, then the country will have to be prepared in the field of health facilities and medical research.

He had also started working for it but Donald Trump stopped him. In today’s Vice Presidential debate, Kamala Harris explained this issue. Kamala Harris also underlined Donald Trump’s ineptitude in managing the insurance. Mike Pence tried to surround him by saying that Biden was stubborn in the development of the Corona vaccine, but the American people knew it was not true. Mike Pence tried to explain when the disease had spread. That when only five people were ill with coronavirus, then President Trump had stopped the trip from China to America, but the truth is different. Soon after the CNN team concluded the debate, Trump and Michael Pence were lying. The figures are telling another story.

In the pre-election surveys conducted before today’s debate, President Trump was about 14 points behind. Joe Biden was getting 54 percent support, while Donald Trump was only at 61 percent. It is obvious that in today’s debate, his vice-president’s silence will further reduce his popularity. Today, although the issue of coronaviruses has been overshadowed, but the biggest problem in the eyes of the American public is unemployment. Trump’s constant lies are the most responsible for the destruction of our economy because he did not put the truth in front of the country and industry, as a result of which It is not the right preparation to survive the attack of Coronavirus. Mike Pence also had to answer very difficult questions regarding business agreements. Listening to those answers, it seemed as if he himself is not satisfied with his answer. Even on the balance of trade with China, Kamala Harris surrounded her rival with health. Millions of people have become unemployed in America and this is a matter of concern all over the country. Mike Pence wanted to avoid talking on this subject, but the Democratic candidates were repeatedly bringing him there. He also picked up Donald Trump’s taxed exploits. Donald Trump is a big industrialist in America but has been paying income tax of only $ 750 for the last several years. Everyone knows this thing in America now. On this subject too, Kamala Harris forced them to answer, but when there is no answer, what will they answer? Vice President Mike Pence was seen peeping sideways.

‘Trump’s administration loses trade war with China’
There were also occasions for Michael Pence when he succeeded in rounding up the Democratic Party. When Kamala Harris said that Trump’s administration had lost the trade war to China. Due to your policies, the jobs of three lakh factory workers have ended and the farmers have suffered huge losses and are forced to go bankrupt. Mike Pence replied that Kamala Harris’s speech was stopped. Pence said that Democratic candidate Joe Biden voted in favor of the bill after which China had a permanent trade relationship with the United States. It was because of that law that China managed to join the World Trade Organization and its economy was so Became strong that he is competing with America today. Pence alleged that Biden’s role was a cheerleader in China’s business success and that Biden’s contribution to China’s business success was right here, but he gave a loose hair.

He said that I am speaking on behalf of American people because I respect him. Now it was his turn to take tough answers. Kamala Harris said that you are respecting people when you tell the truth. Mike Pence also had to lie several times in order to defend Donald Trump’s lies. He told the biggest lie when he claimed that President Trump has always told the truth about Coronavirus. CNN’s Daniel Dale claims that this is a mountain of lies because Trump has made false claims hundreds of times during the Coronavirus epidemic. He lied about the ban on travel, about the investigation of disease, about the effect of hydrochloroquine, about the ventilators available in the country. Once, he himself said that I was under-presenting it because I did not want to cause panic in the people.

Kamala Harris also made the issue of Supreme Court deployment of a judge
Kamla Harris also made the appointment of a judge of the Supreme Court in a hurry. Justice Ruth Ginsberg, a judge of the country’s largest court, died on September 18. The judges are appointed for life in the US Supreme Court, they do not retire. In place of Ruth, he made one of his supporters, Amy Barett, a judge. It is generally believed that the president should not make such a ruckus if elections are imminent, but there is a buzz in the American public about Trump. Will try to stick to power even after.

If you lose by a big margin then maybe not but if their margin of defeat is less then they will not give up easily. It is an allegation that he will go to the Supreme Court and if there is a judge of his devotees, then there will be more possibility of a decision in his favor. When Kamala Harris questioned the appointment of the judge in a hurry, Mike Pence said that it would not be appropriate to keep such an important post vacant. Harris reminded them that today Donald Trump’s government is in its final phase.

There was no need for such a hurry for the person who is being made a judge for life. As Mike Pence continued on his trump line, the Democratic nominee reminded him that it had happened many times in history, he was reminded that Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States of America, was reelected in 1864 when he was running for the presidency. The day before, a judge of the Supreme Court died. When he was asked about the new appointment, he told that the American people are going to elect their new president after 27 days. If I am elected, I will consider it. It is important to respect the will of the American people, ”Mike Pence’s condition was worth seeing after this answer.

Donald Trump’s lie is the central emotion in the US election. From media to politicians, everyone is talking on the same topic. In the next four weeks, there will be milk and water of milk. At the moment, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have an upper hand.

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