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Why do you have to pay for the tamales if the child comes out in the Rosca de Reyes?

He February 2nd is celebrated on Candlemas day, the day we all eat tamales, but you know why custom dictates that you have to pay the tamales if you get the child in the Rosca de Reyes?

According to National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) on this day the December festivities that begin with the Christmas. He January 6th the famous Rosca de Reyes is split where they are hidden figurinesin the form of a baby representing the Child Jesus or more recently even a Baby Yodaceramic or plastic and whoever finds them in their slice must pay the tamales the February 2nd.

Although this celebration is part of the Catholic Church, in Mexico some pre-Hispanic rites were combined in this tradition.

In Mexico, Candelaria Day is celebrated on February 2 – Photo: File Photo / EL UNIVERSAL

On this day they not only eat tamales, but is presented to Child Jesus to the church, this as part of the jewish tradition to introduce the babies 40 days after birth; that is to say, on February 2.

Hence the God child be a kind of amulet for the family that has it. In addition, depending on the years that the Child God has in the family, said family is favored with many Blessings.

It should be noted that during the evangelization it was taken advantage of the fact that in Mesoamerica some ceremonies were carried out, which coincided in February as the well-known tradition of preparing and eating tamales. In this regard, Dr. Carmen Anzures y Bolaños, an INAH specialist, explains that before the Conquest they ate for the agricultural cycle.

On February 2, not only are tamales eaten, but the Child Jesus is presented to church – Photo: File Photo / EL UNIVERSAL

The tamales they were prepared to ask the god Tlaloc, the goddess Chalchiuhtlicue and the Tlaloques for good crops and abundant rain.

In our country, this celebration is enhanced by the splendor of the various dishes. In addition, creativity and seasoning can be included and observed expressed in a pot of tamales multicolored and of various smells and flavors; as well as in the atoles with which it must be accompanied, obligatorily, said dish.

Originally those who were lucky enough to get the doll in the Rosca de Reyes were those who had to help prepare the tamales. However, they currently rely on someone else’s expert hand to prepare and bring them home.

This custom is still in force today, so next Tuesday, February 2, the tamales will be played by those who took the doll out of the thread.


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