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Why do we feel so much pleasure when we stretch and why is it essential to do so?

How pleasant it is to stretch, huh. And what ‘random’ to ask the reason: Why does it produce so much ‘taste’ to stay in bed for a while with arms and legs fully stretched out?

The truth is that everyone usually does it out of inertia after waking up in the morning (or after a nap) and few activities lead us to experience such a feeling of well-being, right?

Well, it has been precisely this question that has led us to investigate why, and we have come up with some data that may well save a first date when you run out of conversation, for example. But before reading on, we already let you know. Fix this routine until it becomes a mechanical act, if it isn’t already: every time you wake up in the morning, take a minute to stretch.


If you are someone who is sometimes forgotten, put it as an alarm message on your mobile, because the reason why it is so pleasant is not even as interesting as the fact of doing it.

According to a study in the ‘Journal of Sports Science and Medicine’, placer that you feel is because the muscles release accumulated tension, oxygenate and eliminate toxins, and also rebalance the energy and circulation of the body, and this set of factors translates into a well-being that helps to start the day.

But not only that, stretching brings several benefits (and you, ‘millennial’ who already have an age, are interested in them), so take note. If you you stretch in bed every morning, with probability you will start your day with less stress, you will not get dizzy when you get up (how is that? What do we have, ninety years?) and you will help your body to locate itself more easily and thus avoid sleep inertia (That is, that state of confusion that the majority of the population suffers upon waking up and that, depending on each person, can last up to an hour).


If you want to start stretching every day, to do it optimally, the expert in sports physiotherapy and with a master’s degree in osteopathy, Iris Antón, advises:

  1. “Hazlo lying on your back, before joining “.
  2. “Try to feel your whole body being aware of your breathing. Breathe in deeply through your nose and, when you breathe out slowly through your mouth, stretch to the maximum (the efforts / stretches always when you breathe out), “he says.
  3. When you finish, “your body will already be ‘ready’ and ‘full of power’ to start the day,” he concludes.

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