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Why did Sara and Sofía Oviedo run away from home?

Sara and Sofia Oviedo, the Venezuelan sisters who today returned to the bosom of their parents, are already safe, but Why did they go to Peru? The Ecuadorian Police are studying the hypothesis of a case of trafficking in women.

One of them is 13 years old and the other 12, both teenagers decided on April 22 to buy two tickets to Piura, Peru. They succeeded and left from the Quitumbe Terrestrial Terminal, south of Quito.

Today, after the return of Sara and Sofía to Ecuador – a process that triggered the alerts of the national and international police -, the General Commander of the Police, Tanya Varela, confirmed that the sisters traveled alone. No one accompanied them.

What is known is that they in Peru encountered a community of Venezuelans, where they remained. However, they were seen at a land terminal in the neighboring country, with the intention of buying a ticket to Lima, the Peruvian capital, which is 25 hours away from Ecuador by land.

Hypothesis: White slave trade

The name of Misbelia Quintana came to light through social networks when he denounced that his daughters went to the store and did not come back.

The Venezuelan family, based in Quito, requested help to find the two missing adolescents, but more details did not comment. Only photos were circulating where the sisters appear smiling.

Commander Varela, when in doubt about the girls’ motivation for leaving Ecuador, clarified that the case is being investigated if it corresponds to trafficking in women.

“The case does not end here. The investigation has to continue so that we can establish why the girls left their home “,

Tanya Varela, commander of the National Police.

In social networks, a photo that allegedly shows the girls on their way to Peru has circulated since the afternoon of Saturday, April 24. Both wearing masks and with short hair.

However, the reasons for the decision of the sisters that led them to leave their home are not yet known.


Ecuador MetroApril 27, 2021

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Ecuador MetroApril 27, 2021

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