Why can’t I open WhatsApp links

WhatsApp has become so integrated into the digital lives of so many people that usually becomes the center of use for your mobile phone and we do everything from it. From WhatsApp we see the photos and videos that they send us, we open links that lead us to the browser and we can even use it as a multimedia player, in the event that we have different types of songs stored there.

That is why if something fails in the mechanism that leads an app to open at our command, we can be a bit puzzled. If we click on a link and that link does not open correctly, on many occasions it has to do with the assignment of the default mobile phone applications and perhaps we can teach you how to solve this in a few simple steps.

Checking and configuring the default apps of our mobile


When our mobile phone do not know which application to open to perform a task, ask us. What’s more, when you have several applications to carry out the same task, you also ask us. The phone is waiting for us to tell it which one we prefer to use to continue operating, and sometimes we accidentally click on the wrong application and save it in the system, which leads to some links being disabled.

How to configure default apps and instant apps on Android: remove, change or add new ones

It can also happen that we have an app installed to open music files, for example, and that this app is crashing and we want to replace it with another, but that WhatsApp continues to take the failed application as the default. This is fixed knowing how to change the default apps of the system, something that has been around for a long time on Android, and we are going to show you how to do it.

To change the default apps on Android we have to go to the mobile phone settings, and from that point go to the section ”Applications‘(a name that may change to’System applications‘on some phone brands). Once inside we will look for the section ‘Manage applications ” to access the list of everything we have installed on our phone.

Default Apps

Within that menu, we go to the three vertical points in the upper right part and there we display a list of extra options and then select ‘Default apps’. Now we have in front of us the list that tells us which app opens each type of link, and that is where we can make all the changes.

If the app for the audio files has changed (the one we use to play music), it will be enough to tell it from a drop-down which new app will be the one that will be fixed forever. Or simply ask him to always ask us that we click on an audio file, at our choice. There we can change the system’s default browser, which phone dialer app will open when clicking on a phone number and even the voice assistant in case of having several installed.

We can tell the system which app to open for each type of link or ask it to always ask us

Once we have everything configured correctly, WhatsApp should reopen the links correctly, because the messaging app goes to that section of the operating system to know what to do. Unless we have asked that you always ask us, of course, in which case we can always decide which app to open at any time.

Other possible errors that lead WhatsApp not to open the links

As we have previously commented, WhatsApp asks the system what to do with the links and the system responds, and perhaps everything is well configured but the app in question that we want to open is giving an error. In this case, the best we can do is uninstall it and reinstall it, no matter what the music player, the video player or the browser we have chosen. Other times everything is solved by updating the app, in case there is an update waiting for us in the Google Play Store.

If you want to open a specific link for an app and you don’t have it installed, do so

It may simply be that we do not have the app we need at that moment because it is a very specific link. If Spotify is not installed on our mobile phone (for example) and someone has sent us a link to the app, our system can choose to use the Internet browser or simply not open the link. If this is the case, we must install the app that is being asked of us at that moment.

Another option is that we do not have an Internet connection and the link they have sent us is trying to access an address through the browser or through an app. Let’s check if the Internet connection is active, and if WhatsApp is experiencing some kind of error, something that can sometimes happen. As in the case of outdated or erroneous apps, with WhatsApp we can also update or uninstall.

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