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Who would have thought? – Summer 2021 is fourth warmest since 1881

Clouds, showers and now and then sunshine. There is no summer feeling. Now another low rain is rushing over the west. But: The summer is so far the fourth warmest since 1881.

June was the fourth warmest June since 1881. July was also 1.5 degrees warmer than the climate mean.

“If summer were already over today, it would be – surprise – the fourth warmest summer since 1881. That may surprise many, but the summer was not cold. It was pretty warm. We felt very differently. This was mainly due to the changeable weather conditions, explains graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service to BILD.

In 2021 the summer has been on average 18.65 degrees, last year it was “only” 18.18 degrees. So far it was only warmer in 2019 with 19.24 degrees, 2018 with 19.29 degrees and 2003 with 19.65 degrees.

Nevertheless, until the middle of the month, summer has no chance of climbing to maximum temperatures here. It remains changeable and quite cool. 25 degrees are only occasionally reached, but this is also only limited regionally.

And that should be another record summer?

This may seem impossible in view of all the clouds and low pressure areas.

Weather expert Jung: “It felt anything but record breaking. But it was the warm nights. They were very cloudy and always quite mild with 15 to 19 degrees. And therefore there was hardly any cooling down. “

Clouds are gathering from France and Benelux today too. These bring individual strong thunderstorms from west to east across the middle, sometimes also heavy downpours.

“In some places you have to reckon with flooding again on Tuesday. They are spatially limited, but can also affect the flood areas around the Eifel and southern North Rhine-Westphalia, ”says graduate meteorologist Jung.

Despite the predicted thunderstorms with heavy rain, the civil protection team is only assuming a slight increase in the water level for the Ahr. Local floods could occur on smaller rivers, it said on Tuesday afternoon. “The emergency services on site are informed and other emergency services have already been put on standby,” explained the crisis team.

The German weather service reports that heavy rain could locally fall between 15 and 25 liters per square meter in one hour. During the course of the day on Tuesday through repeated showers and thunderstorms, occasional heavy rain of up to 40 liters per square meter was possible in several hours.

DWD graduate meteorologist Andreas Friedrich makes it clear to BILD: “We have a warning situation for today, but everything below the storm threshold.”

And climatologist Dr. Karsten Brandt from adds: “About three to four buckets of water per square meter come down. Large puddles can form due to poor sewerage. But it is not a dangerous situation. “

This is how it will continue in Germany in the coming days

Sunday: 17 to 24 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds and thunderstorms

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