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Who would have thought! Found a relative of Harry who made racist remarks about Archie’s skin color

The culprit is finally found, but this does not mean that all the world’s fury will now fall on him. It turned out that in that fateful conversation, someone left in English and did not understand the details.

After the scandalous interview with Harry and Megan, the headlines were reminiscent of the game “sea battle”: everyone tried to figure out who could be that mysterious member of the royal family who allowed himself to voice his racist prejudices out loud. As the Sussexes told Oprah, some of the pianos wondered what color Archie’s skin would be and “how dark it would be.” They did not give a specific name, but they told Winfrey that it was definitely not the queen and her husband, Prince Philip.

Many then thought that Prince Charles could ask an impolite question about the skin color of Harry’s future son. He was already not happy with Megan’s appearance in the palace, and relations with his youngest son had already noticeably deteriorated. After it became known that he had “cut off” Harry from funding by the Crown, Internet users had all the arguments that it was he who allowed himself the racist comment. But that turned out to be untrue.

Lady Colin Campbell, a renowned British writer and royal expert, said Princess Anne had doubts about Archie’s skin color. The Queen’s only daughter, as you know, more than others dissuaded Harry from marrying an American, so her attack was directed more against Megan than against the baby Archie. And, according to Colin, Anna was simply “misunderstood.”

As the writer explained, the situation was as follows: Anna challenged Harry to a conversation and voiced her fears that the American actress could not fully understand the cultural heritage of Britain. Therefore, given her origin, it can be assumed that if they accept her into the family, then this will bring difficulties for both her and the child born in their union.

“Harry ran to Megan,” Colin said. – Markle interpreted these words as if she meant the color of the skin. Well, we see people who really want to find a weak point where it certainly does not exist. “

Campbell believes that Princess Anne meant exactly Meghan’s character and cultural background, but not her nationality. But the Sussexes felt that under “hardship,” the queen’s daughter meant that Archie would not receive all the honors that are reserved for the royal heirs. Including titles and security.

“Megan’s skin color didn’t bother anyone. Princess Anne was rightly alarmed that huge problems would arise if the marriage continued with children. But it’s because of Markle’s skin color and Meghan’s inability to appreciate the cultural differences between British and Americans, ”Colin explained.

At the same time, Princess Anne really accepted the American actress into the family without much enthusiasm. She feared that Meghan would not be able to become either a good wife or a diligent Crown employee and a full-fledged citizen of the country. Well, some of her fears did come true.

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