Who is Leandro Santos? Model manager prosecuted for VIP prostitution

Santos founded his modeling agency in 2007 and gained notoriety for having models and stars such as Cinthia Fernández, Claudia Ciardone, Floppy Tesouro, Silvina Escudero and Lourdes Sánchez. They also passed by Erika Mitdank –The winner of the contest with which the millionaire Ricardo Fort looked for “a girlfriend” in ShowMatch- and Eugenia Lemos.

Likewise, Santos had his first minutes of fame at the beginning of his undertaking when he became the boyfriend of Zaira Nara, which became the visible face of Leandro Santos Models, then turned into Latin American Models.

The expansion of his agency led him to participate in the parties organized by the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este, in which he took contact with his future partners in the alleged business of vip prostitution. This was not long in being noticed by the justice of that country and Judge Graciela Gatti issued an arrest warrant.

In February 2012, the businessman was arrested in Uruguay while giving a press conference to which his lawyer, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, had taken him. The lawyer wanted to freeze the detention, but his legal tricks did not prevent the police from that country from “signing” his client, who nevertheless only spent 9 hours behind bars and then fled to Argentina.

The Uruguayan justice requested the extradition of Santos for the crime of pimping, but Mariano Cuneo Libarona presented a habeas corpus in Argentina and the extradition was void. The case in Uruguay lasted several years in which only the eastern partners of Santos were prosecuted and with preventive detention.

Among open testimonies against him, Santos was accused of bringing Uruguayan models to Argentina to participate in orgies that he himself organized in a warehouse in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo with entrepreneurs with high purchasing power.

At the end of 2012, his name came up again as a result of Alexandra “the Swede” Larsson, who denounced that someone was threatening to broadcast a hot video in its moment of greatest exposure since it was the female face in Journalism for All and ShowMatch, where the manager was announced by Marcelo Tinelli himself as “his friend.” Finally, the video was found in an apartment in Puerto Madero where an ex-boyfriend of “la Sueca” lived.

A few months later, in February 2013, the tragedy brought him back to the headlines when uOne of her clients, the model Julieta Gómez, committed suicide in the house of the parents of her boyfriend Rodrigo, Santos’s brother.

In 2015, Santos was called to testify by prosecutor Viviana Fein in the case investigating the death of Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman. The reason? Santos was the representative of the model Florencia Cocucci, who was related to the deceased.

Despite all the accusations against you, Santos managed for a time to recover his ability to “locate” models and dancers such as Maypi Delgado, Ailén Bechara, Danisa Sol Fernández and Sol Aguilar, among many others.

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