Who is behind the audios with false data about Sputnik in Rosario?

But neither in the 21 public vaccinations throughout the province nor in the 13 private vaccination sites was the activity suspended, nor were the percentages of professionals with symptoms significant. In the Centennial, for example, as of Thursday afternoon about 150 people had been vaccinated and only six had presented any fever or myalgia, predictable effects and already described as possible complications.

They deny that the coronavirus vaccination campaign is suspended

The same audios can be found in a video that circulates on YouTube attributed to Doctors for Argentine Truth that yesterday afternoon already registered more than 25 thousand visits. And the information is also read on the Facebook page of the group. There it is presented as “a non-profit organization, whose founding principles are the defense of the Aristotelian truth and life according to the Hippocratic oath.”

His objective, he says grandly, is the “awakening of the peoples through a critical mass of enlightened human beings”, an “anonymous army of men and women who fight against this false pandemic”.

On its website, the organization questions isolation to prevent contagion, the use of masks, PCR analyzes and supports international conspiracy theories in relation to the pandemic. Several of his videos were removed from YouTube for spreading false information.

It is false that they suspended vaccination in Rosario due to the effects of the Sputnik V vaccine

The website Chequeado.com put the entity’s messages under the magnifying glass several times. The Head of Media of the portal, Matías Di Santi, warned that he is part of Doctors for Truth Spain, dedicated to spreading “disinformation throughout 2020″ and placed among his local references Chinda Concepción Brandolino, a doctor, known in networks as ” La Mujer de la Ola Celeste ”for her stance against the voluntary termination of pregnancy, and the visible face of antiquarantine and anti-vaccine marches.

According to the site dedicated to the verification of public information, in 2015 Brandolino ran for national deputy on the list 298 “All for Buenos Aires” that was presented in the PASO elections, but today he is listed on the National Electoral Board as a party that has expired. Four years later, she tried unsuccessfully to be a candidate for President for Unite (the same front for which Amalia Granata became a provincial deputy in Santa Fe). He also approached the presidential candidates Juan José Gómez Centurión and José Luis Espert in order to enter Congress. Finally, he called to vote Alejandro Biondini’s Patriotic Front.

Another of the references is Mariano Arriaga Ferrer, also a doctor, who promoted the use of chlorine dioxide. Also in Doctors for the Argentine Truth several notes are cited to the immunologist Roxana Bruno who, among other things, questioned the quarantine as a method to avoid infections and argued that the mortality of Covid-19 “is lower than the flu”

Anti Fakes

Soledad Gori is a Conicet researcher specialized in Immunology. And he led the group of scientists who are part of the project “Science Anti Fake News” which aims to collect, classify and check false information that circulates on social networks and the media to contrast it with scientific evidence and official information available on these issues. With this information, the Confiar platform of the Télam news agency is fed.

While Gori clarifies that the function of the group is to receive, check and deny false news, rather than study who generates it and with what objectives. In any case, it is not the first time they have found misleading information assigned to the group Doctors for the Argentine Truth. “We are not in charge of looking for who is behind the fake, we get this information and we deny it according to scientific evidence or identifiable sources such as the World Health Organization,” he says, although he reviews several related to this group.

In relation to vaccines, the Conicet scientists had to deny several of their claims. For example, that vaccines cause sterility in men, that they generate chronic sleep disorders, that they can cause cancer or that animal tests have been skipped.

No negatives

Despite the viralization of audios with false information about the adverse effects of the vaccine, the health teams of critical areas, laboratories and Covid emergency services do not reject the vaccine.

The union secretary of the Association of Doctors of the Argentine Republic (Amra), Sandra Maiorana, assured that she received numerous inquiries after the diffusion of the inaccurate audios on the result of vaccination in hospitals and sanatoriums in Rosario. But he clarified that “most doctors are getting vaccinated.”

Since last Wednesday, the union secretary of the medical union has not stopped answering the same question. “What about vaccination in Rosario?”, Ask his colleagues, delegates from other towns in the province and even leaders from other provinces.

“On Saturday I was in charge of calling the professionals who were working in the aforementioned effectors to ask how the situation was,” said the doctor who decided to circulate an audio with her name and surname to the union members. that “until now the vaccinated only had symptoms that are common for the flu vaccine, such as fever or body aches, which disappeared after 48 hours,” he said and affirmed that there are no high percentages of refusal to receive the vaccine.

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