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White House said – Trump’s condition was worse than what was told. america – World

White House said - Trump's condition was worse than what was told

US President Donald Trump (file photo)

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that President Donald Trump’s health was worse than what was reported on Friday.

Washington. Two days after US President Donald Trump infected the Corona virus, the White House finally accepted the truth about his health. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that President Trump’s health was much worse than what was reported on Friday. Due to high fever and low oxygen in the blood, the doctors had advised Trump to be hospitalized.

Meadows said during a conversation with Fox News on Saturday night that the biggest thing is that he no longer has fever. Now the amount of oxygen in his body is also more than before. Yesterday morning we were really worried about it. He had a fever and his oxygen level had dropped rapidly. Despite this, President Trump was standing and walking. Let me tell you that many officials of White House including Meadows had said on Friday that the health of the trump is good and they have mild symptoms. Navy commander Dr. Sean Conley and other doctors had described Trump’s health as normal. However, many experts had questioned it even then.

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Let me tell you, US President Donald Trump and First Lady and his wife Melania Trump have been found corona infected. Donaldr Trump himself gave this information on Twitter on Friday (2 October). He is running at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Trump is being given a dose of Experimental Ebola drug Remdesivir. It is told about this medicine that it helps the corona patient to recover in 11 days. Health bulletin of President Donald Trump was released on Saturday. According to this bulletin, the next 48 hours are very important for Trump. They do not have fever. However, nothing special has been said about the President’s health in the bulletin issued from the White House. The New York Times quoted Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Middows as saying that the president’s condition is very worrying.

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