For a long time, only one of them, Katya Martynova, told about the terrible story that happened to the captives of Viktor Mokhov. The last days on the Web are commenting on the video with Lena Samokhina.

Perhaps even the release of Viktor Mokhov did not provoke as much public outcry as Ksenia Sobchak’s interview with a ruthless criminal. Even one of the captives of the maniac, Ekaterina Martynova, took part in the filming, who spoke on behalf of the two victims about the horror of almost four years of imprisonment.

The audience has already come to terms with the silence of Elena Samokhina – the girl forever deleted those events from her life and flatly refused any interviews. Now a video has surfaced on the Web, with which she nevertheless broke the silence.

It turned out that a small video with Lena Samokhina was posted on YouTube almost on the same day as the scandalous release of Ksenia Anatolyevna – on March 23. However, he was betrayed widely only now.

“She gave birth from me, she is no longer giving birth. We must do it again “: a chilling interview with the Skopinsky maniac Ksenia Sobchak

The recording of the conversation with Samokhina appeared on the Public Television channel, neither who took it, nor when the conversation with Lena was held there is no information.

The quality of the recording leaves much to be desired – it seems that it is at least several years old. It is also surprising that only one and a half minute video was presented to the public, and not a full-fledged recording. So, here are the memories Lena Samokhina shared.

“It was already there in the basement. In general, there was a rape – at the beginning of her, then me. Further it was more terrible, then everything was much more terrible. Then the nightmare began, which lasted more than three and a half years, almost four years. I went down there to pick up Katya. Actually pick her up. She was asleep, she was in a deranged state. At all. I couldn’t dress her. While I was dressing her, all the doors closed, and there were three of them, and that was all … ”- Lena Samokhina said with tears in her eyes.

That’s all Lena said in the video. Not much is known about the woman – she works as an English teacher, which she studied during her life in the basement.

Katya Martynova, whom Lena was trying to pull out, is much more willing to talk to journalists. She believes that sharing her experiences helps other women cope with violence.

Photo: footage from interviews / Youtube

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