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While her brother-in-law was on the phone with her – the flood tore pensioner Inge (67) away with her whole house

Rech – The house owner said: “It moves, it moves!” Then the line was dead.

When the murderous floods shot through the village of Rech an der Ahr (592 inhabitants) on Wednesday evening at 11.45 p.m., pensioner Inge Gieler (67) was on the phone with her brother-in-law Paul (75). Then she was washed away with her whole house!

There is now a huge hole where the 67-year-old’s house was until Wednesday! Eight other houses were also completely washed away. There is no sign of life from Inge.

Her son Dominik Gieler (35) is a police officer and at the same time the local mayor of Rech. He says: “I expect the worst.” But as mayor, he also has to take care of all the other residents who coordinate the clean-up.

“I don’t have time to mourn,” says Gieler bitterly – and accuses: “So far we have hardly had any contact with official bodies outside the town. The residents organize everything themselves. Nothing works here anymore. No electricity, no water, no telephone. Then we quickly need a bridge to the other part of the village. ”There, the Bundeswehr supplies the cut off residents with helicopters.

Another man is still missing in the village. Will he ever be found? Will Inge Gieler’s body ever be discovered? Your son doesn’t know.

At some point, when the streets are clear again and the rubble cleared, he will find time to mourn.

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