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Which teams have snatched the most points from LaLiga contenders?

Athletic Bilbao, Levante and Cádiz have been difficult obstacles to overcome for Atlético, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla

LaLiga Spain has reached one of its most dramatic moments of the season, with a tight race of four teams to win the championshipHowever, along the way they have had to face various obstacles that have prevented them from detaching themselves from the rest.

Cádiz, Levante Y Athlétic de Bilbao are the teams that have scored the most points against Atlético de Madrid (73), Real Madrid (71), Barcelona (71) and Sevilla (70), the four contenders for LaLiga, which are separated by three units or less.

Cádiz, located in the thirteenth position, has already played all eight games against the four contenders for the championship, against which he added seven points. Surpassed Real Madrid, in addition to winning and drawing against Barcelona.

One rung up, at the twelfth place, is Levante, another team that has reaped seven units against the first four. However, he has a duel with Barcelona, which will be played on Matchday 36. The Valencian team won four points against the Atlético de Madrid and three more before him Real Madrid.

Athletic Bilbao, who pressed LaLiga the weekend after beating 2-1 at Atlético de Madrid, adds six points against the first four, but still with two pending matches: against Real Madrid Y Sevilla. The Lions, who are in tenth position, in addition to the victory against the colchoneros, also managed to overcome the Sevilla.

In fourth place, in the table against the contenders of LaLiga, the Getafe with five units. The azulones tied before Atlético de Madrid Y Real Madrid, besides they beat Barcelona.

There are four teams that have reaped four units against Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona Y Sevilla: Eibar, Alaves, Elche Y Valencia. However, the first three have a pending duel, while the last one has two games left.

Real Betis Y Granada He has scored three points against the contenders. Real society, Villarreal Y Real Valladolid they have added two units each.

At the bottom of the table before the first four places, appear Celta Vigo, Osasuna, with one point each, while Huesca is the only team that did not add to the contenders for LaLiga.

What is missing in the path of Atlético, Barcelona Y Real Madrid?

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