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Which is the carmaker least loved by its same customers

Buying a new car in times of a pandemic is a huge decision, so make a good decision about what the car looks like, how reliable it is, what resale value, and safety. And of course if it is comfortable and drives well. All with a decent value.

Should I buy used or new? What kind of status symbol does it have? Car fanatics have all kinds of opinions, but there is a car company you may want to avoid if you are looking for a new vehicle.

Every year, Harris Poll surveys Americans to find out their favorite and least favorite automakers.

For the most recent “reputation quotient” rankings, 8,392 adults did their bit, rating high-profile companies on factors such as products and services and emotional appeal. ‘

On the list of least desirable car companies, Fiat Chrysler least favorite among the worst. I mean, their cars are the worst of the bad.

For several years in a row, JDPower and Consumer Reports ranked FCA brands the worst in terms of owner satisfaction, performance, reliability, and safety.

Among 34 brands in the Harris Poll survey, Fiat came in last, but it wasn’t the only hard blow for the automaker that sells cars by name, not reliability.

Four other FCA brands – Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Dodge and Ram – were also in the bottom ten, meaning the company was on the solid “worst car brand” list.

The survey is based on owners who have purchased models from the manufacturer, and who have had all kinds of problems with reliability, safety, and resale value, which in many ways have resulted in owners having to pay to have the car taken away. .

Fiat Chrysler has been offering 84-month installments with no advance, which leads to a trap for buyers, who expect to have a good new car and find a lemon that is worth much less than what they owe, when they have to take it out. from above.

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