Which are the Buenos Aires municipalities that will return to Phase 3 and what restrictions will apply to the increase in coronavirus cases

Carlos Bianco (Photo: @SaludBAP)
Carlos Bianco (Photo: @SaludBAP)

While The Buenos Aires government of Axel Kicillof decided together with the mayors to adopt new restrictive measures given the increase in cases of coronavirus In the province of Buenos Aires, new restrictions were announced for some districts.

At a press conference, the Chief of Staff Carlos White explained that “this week we have 15 districts downing the phase. There are seven new ones in Phase 3 and there are nine in total: Arrecifes, Balcarce, Lincoln, Lobería, Puan, Salipeló, Suipacha, and they join Bolívar and Rauch ”.

“In addition, there are eight other districts that are added to Step 4, totaling 109. The new ones are Adolfo Alsina, Coronel Dorrego, General Alvear, General Villegas, General Las Heras, Magdalena, Maipú and Saavedra “, Bianco detailed.

The Chief of Cabinet explained what it means for these municipalities to return to Phase 3: “They are going to have to take a step back with a dozen activities: cultural workshops for up to 20 people in closed spaces, gyms in closed spaces, social activities in closed spaces, contact sports activities, cultural and artistic events for up to 100 people outdoors, shopping malls and shopping centers in spaces closed, traveling fairs, holiday camps, nursery schools and multi-household domestic mobility”.

“Those are the activities that for a week, until we analyze the epidemiological situation, we have to restrict in those districts to control the sources of contagion very quickly and re-allow some economic activities “Bianco added.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff of Kicillof said: “I want to thank all the mayors and mayors, who at a time when there is speculation that it is not good to go down because it can generate economic damage, they are privileging caring for the population “.

“These definitions are partial but it allows us to reduce a little the circulation, the agglomeration of people, and thus control the cases”, concluded.

This Tuesday, Kicillof, today headed a meeting with the mayors of the municipalities of the Atlantic Coast and They resolved not to take new restrictive measures for the time being, although they warned of a “marked and accelerated” growth of Covid-19 cases and pointed to the “relaxation” of society.

“We have a very positive season that is running. That in itself is an achievement, but we have seen a marked and accelerated growth of cases “Kicillof said in the press conference he gave after the meeting.

Consequently, the governor pointed out that, together with the mayors, he determined “to place much more emphasis on compliance with the measures, protocols and care campaigns” and added: “We have to raise awareness among all young people and all age groups who have relaxed.”

Shortly before the press conference, as soon as the meeting ended, the mayor of Villa GesellGustavo Barrera, host of the meeting, had confirmed that “for the moment no new restrictive measures will be taken” and warned: “It is essential that we comply and enforce the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”

In this sense, the Buenos Aires president stressed: “We don’t know how this continues because it depends on how we act as a society. The evolution of infections depends on the attitudes we take ”.

“For now, this is a call for stricter compliance with each of the decisions and protocols that are already established. We have to take care of each other and each other. The growth of infections lights a warning light. At all costs we want to avoid having to take action, “Kicillof warned.

Also participating in the conference were the Chief of Staff of Kicillof, Carlos Bianco, and the Ministers of Health and Safety, Daniel Gollan and Sergio Berni.

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Kicillof and the mayors ruled out for now adopting new restrictive measures in the face of the increase in cases of covid-19

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