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Where it gets sunny – “A crazy weather day”

Who does the weather race on the weekend? High Merle? Or deep Benni? Friday Merle brings us a lot of sunshine again. In the west, however, the first clouds will appear later. Is it worth it again for a barbecue evening?

At the start of the weekend there are again comfortable temperatures today – plenty of warm air comes to us from Spain and France.

“On Friday, the high Merle will bring sunshine, but clouds will come up in the west. These bring some rain there. But the low does not advance further east, because Hoch Merle holds against it, “says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite BILD. “You can have a barbecue on Saturday, Sunday too, just not in the West.”

It gets unusually warm on the first weekend in October. Jung: “In the southwest and partly in the east, 23 to 25 degrees are expected. There could even be another summer day. “

Saturday and Sunday are rather changeable, especially in the west. Sunday will always be wet there. Otherwise sunshine.

Climatologist Dr. Karsten Brandt from to BILD: “On Sunday super summer weather in Hamburg, Berlin and Nuremberg with 23 to 24 degrees. Maybe even a summer day in Dresden and Munich with 24 to 25 degrees. Rain only in the west and 15 degrees in Cologne. “

It will also be stormy, especially on Saturday evening in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hamburg. The storm will then move across northern and eastern Germany on Sunday.

Weather expert Jung: “Sunday will be exciting because of the weather limit. We have a lot of rain and storm in the west, but in the east you hardly notice anything. On the other hand, it even gets warm again in some places. A crazy weather day. “

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

Saturday: 16 to 24 degrees, clouds in the west and north, some rain, otherwise nice

Sunday: 19 to 25 degrees, clouds and storms in the west, otherwise lots of sun and very warm!

Monday: 11 to 16 degrees, significantly colder and changeable with sun, clouds and showers

Tuesday: 13 to 16 degrees, mixed, sun with rain showers

Wednesday: 12 to 16 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds and short showers

“From the second weekend in October, the signs are pointing towards ‘golden October’. From then on, it stays dry and sunny for the time being, ”says weather expert Dominik Jung.

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