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When you get caught using competing devices

All these brands got caught with competing devices

We have always said that you have to be very careful when using technology. Not only because a simple WhatsApp can ruin your life, if not also because it can make you look foolish in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

This is the case of all these mobile phone manufacturers who, when advertising their products, decided to do so with competing mobiles. And yes, there are also the occasional executive of a major company who prefers rival devices over their own. We leave you the best caught.

Huawei CEO is photographed using an iPad

CEO Huawei iPad

The CEO of Huawei bets on the iPad

When using a tablet, the truth is that the iPad has no rival. As much as Google has tried with Android, the iPad is the best tablet on the market. Without discussion.

And this product is so good, that even the competition surrenders to the evidence. This is the case of the CEO of one of the most important companies in the mobile landscape. We are talking about Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei who was at the time photographed in possession of a device that is not of his brand and that does not carry Android either. You guessed it, it was an iPad.

Xiaomi CEO has an iPhone

CEO Xiaomi

Xiaomi CEO using an iPhone

Xiaomi is one of our favorite brands and the Chinese firm has the best value for money terminals on the market. Despite having in its catalog of spectacular smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi CEO prefers to have a device from the bitten apple.

Lei Jun posted a message on Weibo, one of the most important social networks in the country. The message had no controversy, it was just good old Lei sharing with his followers his opinion about some books he had read. The problem is that as with Twitter, Weibo detects the phone from which the message is sent and appears next to the text. In this case, from an iPhone.

The CEO of realme also falls before the charm of Apple

And if you thought that the CEO of Xiaomi was the only one to succumb to the charm of the iPhone, then you were very wrong. It happened at the end of November 2019 And it is that the CEO of realme was also caught red-handed.

The executive published a tweet in which he related some of the news that would reach the manufacturer’s devices through a software update. Everything perfectly normal until we find that the origin of the tweet is the Twitter app for iPhone. What a gaffe.

Samsung announcing an event… from an iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, color negro

Advertising the S21 from an iPhone is not a good idea

Samsung has become the most important brand on the Android landscape. Hence mistakes like the following are unforgivable. What are we talking about? From when Samsung announced the event of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 from an Apple phone (

This tweet was published from the official Samsung account on Twitter in the United States, a country where the iPhone market share is greater than 50%. Anyway, it would not hurt to review these small details before posting anything on social networks.

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