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When you are good with yourself, you raise emotionally intelligent children.

The world is an increasingly complicated place and motherhood faces more and more demanding challenges. It is no longer just about educating children to be responsible for their homework, help around the house and respect adults but also, They learn to express themselves and manage their emotions intelligently.

With so much social pressure around the idea of ​​“perfect motherhood”, it is practically impossible not to question whether you are doing it right or not.

The sacrifices of motherhood.

Sometimes stress can overwhelm us to the point of putting self-care on the back burner. The irony is that self-care is what helps us reduce stress. So how do you get started?

As difficult as it may seem, personal care should be a top priorityEspecially when you have children who expect the best of you all the time.

Moms we put the needs of the family before our own and we sacrifice sleep and many other things to serve everyone.

Those little moments of relaxation In the shower or Netflix without thinking about anything they become a longed-for dream but you must not allow motherhood to end you.

Your well-being is the well-being of yours.

The important thing to remember is that if you are not at your best, you will not give your best to your children.

When you focus on your well-being, you are able to give your children all your love and understanding. You become a support to them and they to yours.

Having a moment for yourself from time to time allows you to be as calm as possible, ready to attend to any emergency and be an example for your little ones.

Being good with yourself allows you to raise emotionally intelligent children.

A emotionally intelligent motherhood it is raising children with good values ​​but above all, capable of facing the world with empathy and a deeper understanding.

The emotional intelligence It is defined as the ability of a person to express and handle feelings appropriately, while respecting the feelings of others. It is a set of skills that children can begin to learn at any age.

A good rest and a moment for yourself makes you more patient and positive.

When you have rested well and have had time to tend to your own needs, you will have more patience with others. Your child’s crying at 10 in the morning will suddenly not be so bad after you have a leisurely coffee and a healthy breakfast. You will be better able to cope with stress before a breakdown.

Be a good role model.

Remember that you must be the first person to act with empathy, tolerance and respect for others. Children observe others to learn appropriate ways to behave and interact. They are easily influenced by the behaviors they see around them.

You can be a good role model acknowledging and valuing the feelings of others, and showing understanding and sympathy when someone is sad, upset, upset, frustrated, or in need of help.

There is no manual on how to be a mom But you do have to pay attention to the way in which children are educated, the environment where they develop their social skills and the lifestyle that is lived at home.

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