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When the ball is stained

There is no doubt that this week, the ball that we are so amused and passionate about was stained.

Few times has so little been said about soccer as in recent days. Those in long pants took away the prominence from those in short pants with highly questionable projects and decisions within the football universe.

As Jack “The Ripper” would say: “let’s go in parts”. The first short and at the foot, the tragicomic European Super League from Toby’s club and his friends.

The UEFA giants (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, among others) demand a better and greater distribution of the monetary pie for themselves and they may be right.

What they cannot is hide behind the pandemic to justify their serious economic crises, which have been coming for a long time and that COVID-19 was simply the knockout blow to make them tremble for the near future.

Let it be clear that this is not a fight of good vs bad, but of bad vs worse. The UEFA It threatens clubs and footballers of the Super League with anger, but does not offer solutions and on the other side they are not left with the role of victims when the waste of tickets in transfers has several teams with water around their necks.

Changing the subject and continent, we stumbled upon the imminent departure of Ricardo Ferretti as DT from Tigers In football as in life, memory is usually short.

After 11 years where “Tuca” won 5 Liga MX titles, 3 Champion of Champions, 1 Copa MX and 1 CONCACAF Champions League, the board and its new “executioners”, justified in a bad semester, cut the thread slimmer, who is always the technical director.

What little … memory, and what little gratitude to the gentleman who ended in the early stages of this management with the problems of descent and who later consolidated Tigers as a winning team and that little by little monopolizes more spotlights within the Mexican soccer scene.

Since we are talking about northern Mexico, the Classic Regio he gave us a good match between Auriazules and Rayados. Won it Tigers because he looked for it and wanted more, the canteen row at the end that led to the expulsion of Rafael Carioca, unnecessary and that only exhibited a certain lack of control of Javier Aguirre with his team, who lowers his hand, accumulates 3 consecutive defeats after the punishment for attending to your son’s wedding.

This weekend of Classics (Atlas vs Chivas), I remembered the words granted in an interview with Mr. Martino a few weeks ago, where he asked that the game be cut less by the referees.

It seems like a good idea to me, as long as we do not confuse arbitration criteria with permissiveness, since in both duels they got everything and those in charge of imparting justice did not point out clear and forceful faults. Are we or are we not? The crux of the matter.

To close a fateful week for football with a flourish, on Sunday afternoon the official Twitter account of the National selection “Forgot” the triplet of Javier Hernandez with the Galaxy when highlighting the participation of Jonathan Dos Santos and Álvarez with this same Californian squad.

Although it is true that the relationship between “Chícharo” and “Tri” is currently not the best, this type of situation only tenses the atmosphere and Gerardo MartinoGiven the lack of Aztec strikers, you cannot give yourself the “luxury” of scorning for the Gold Cup or the Olympic Games the highest scorer in the history of the National Team.

There is no doubt that with the birth and death of the Super League, the unglamorous departure of “Tuca”, the disparate criteria of the referees in Liga MX and the “Tri” with “Chicharito”, the ball that amuses us so much and passionate, it is stained.

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