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WhatsApp it is one of the most commercial applications on mobile devices. Some devices already have this app pre-installed so that people only register and share millions of text messages with all their contacts.

Through WhatsApp It is possible to send videos, photos, GIFs and the most famous animated stickers, the ones that have become fashionable and you can now easily transfer them from any alternative application.

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But there are certain details that you should know about the app, in addition to being able to solve the basic problems that may arise. Do you know why sometimes you can’t open the links that your friends send you?

Well, there are several reasons and here we will show you how to avoid that error that is common in WhatsApp. Best of all, you don’t need to download third-party apps.


  • The first thing is to check if you have an old version of WhatsApp. One solution is to update from official channels like Google Play or iOS Store. Then try again to open the link you want.
Many times, not being able to open links in WhatsApp is due to various factors.  (Photo: Verge)
Many times, not being able to open links in WhatsApp is due to various factors. (Photo: Verge)
  • Another is not having a default browser. If you assigned another application to perform an action that is not appropriate, such as opening links, perhaps there is the fault. To solve it you must enter Settings, Applications and there in Default Apps go to Browser. There you must select the one you always use to navigate, which is mostly Google Chrome.
  • The fact that you cannot open links normally is also due to a lack of internet connectivity. Make sure you have data so you can browse without worries.

That way WhatsApp again you can open the links quickly without worry. Remember also to have the corresponding apps, for example, if they send you a Spotify link, it may not open if you don’t have the program installed on your cell phone.

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