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WhatsApp: How to hide the notice “writing”

One of the best properties of WhatsApp is that every time we find more tricks to use the courier service in a more comfortable way for us.

The application has been evolving with a large number of updates and new features.

Some of the WhatsApp specializations have been well received by users, but others with a bit more controversy. For instance, know the last connection time or the typical blue arrowss reporting that the message was viewed.

We have been finding tricks to deactivate these functions And today we show you how to prevent the warning from appearing in a chat: “writing a message or recording a voice memo”.

How to hide the notice “writing” of WhatsApp

Sometimes we are composing a long message or recording a voice memo for a long time and We do not want the WhatsApp contact who will receive them to realize by the classic notice that you are “writing” that appears on their phone. We have the perfect tricks for this.

One of the simplest infallible ways is to activate the Airplane mode of the cell phone. Your device will stop receiving internet signal, so it will appear as disconnected.

Then, you can write or record the message with complete peace of mind and it will be pending to ship after you deactivate Airplane mode.

Another alternative

Another perfect option to avoid the notice “writing” is download the Flychat app. This allows the user to enter a type of “incognito mode”.

You can find it in the Google App Store for free. Besides WhatsApp it is also useful in Messenger, Line and video calling platforms such as Hangouts and Skype.

Flychat works simultaneously and automatically so whoever uses it will remain hidden, whether or not they are using the internet at this time.

The only drawback of this applications that only works with text messages, so while they use WhatsApp they will not be able to send images or voice messages.

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