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The cyber criminals They do not lose the opportunity to carry out attacks and deceive Internet users, and for this they take advantage of the most used platforms. Precisely, different users in Colombia have denounced through social networks a new modality that seeks to steal WhatsApp accounts.

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Attackers make use of account verification messages to hijack the profile and keep the information stored in the application. These facts had already been alerted by the cybersecurity company Panda.

One of the most recent victims is Luis Ernesto Gomez, Secretary of the Government of Bogotá, who alerted the fact through his Twitter account.

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“My WhatsApp account was ‘hacked’ in the early morning. Although I have recovered it, I find out that several people have been victims of the same attack in the last hours. Please be careful. If you receive a message asking to send an SMS code do not answer, so they ‘hack’ the account, “wrote the official.

The way they operate is as follows: the user receives a message through WhatsApp from an account that pretends to be a contact for the application’s technical service or a relative or acquaintance. In the communication, the person is notified that they must verify if the phone number of the account is related to the SIM card that the user currently has.

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For this, in the message they indicate to the person who must forward them through the chat the four-digit code that during the day they will receive via text message.

Once the person delivers the code, it gives criminals access to access the account from another device, so they cannot continue to use it from their phone. With this, the attackers can access the list of contacts of the user and contact them by posing as the victim and deceiving more people.

WhatsApp scam

This is the type of message that users receive from attackers.

In some cases, cybercriminals pose as the mobile operator, but use the same modality.

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This is the message in which WhatsApp notifies you that they are requesting the verification code by text message.

Cybersecurity experts point out that to avoid falling into these types of scams, it is important to review the messages and ignore those that come from an unknown number. When it comes to company accounts, the application reports that it is a business contact.


Subsequently, the user receives the verification code via text message.

Remember that if you did not directly request the verification code and it comes to you via text messages from your team, do not share it with any of your contacts.

What’s more, If they notify you of a problem, first contact the official lines or channels directly and tell them the message you received.

To do?

The most advisable thing, in these cases, is to uninstall WhatsApp from your cell phone, reinstall it and paste the security code. That way you will log out of other devices that are not yours or belong to strangers.

Also immediately activate two-step verification in your account, which can be found in settings or configuration, in the ‘account’ section. With that, you can add a six-digit code to enter the account, so the attacker will not be able to enter the profile since he does not have this password.

If you have any problem or need to report it, write to your contact email: [email protected] or [email protected]

The same request can also be made from your iPhone.

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