Spring has barely started and hot days have been the order of the day and if you feel that just looking a little out of the window has already made you feel embarrassed, imagine your poor little plants that you have on the balcony or on the terrace.

Therefore, we give you these tips to take care of your plants this hot season and prevent them from fainting or flatly not withstanding the high temperatures.

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Remember that there are plants such as cacti and succulents that are more than happy when they have a lot of heat and direct sun, but there are others such as those with large leaves or of tropical origin that cannot withstand this type of climate.

This is what you need to do to help your plants survive the intense heat.

Recreate a humid environment

Non-cactus plants love humid environments and during the hot season this is unlikely to happen. Fortunately, you are there to take care of them and all you need is to spray them with a spray bottle. Make sure it is between the roots and preferably every two or three days regardless of your watering day.

You can also put them on a plate with stones and water to create a humid environment without having to spray them. If you choose this option, the most important thing is to avoid that the water

Water them very well

In hot seasons, it is best to change the irrigation calendar and if, for example, in winter you used to put water in once a week, now you will have to do it two or three times, depending on how much moisture you see in the soil.

It is best to let your plants absorb the water they need. For this, put a good amount of water in a large container and submerge the pot completely without touching the ground. Leave it like this for about 15-20 minutes and allow it to get rid of the excess.

Protect them from the sun

Believe it or not, plants can also burn if they get a lot of direct light. It is best to move them in the shade or put a mesh that prevents direct sunlight.

Your succulents and cacti that are not used to being in the sun can also suffer if they suddenly get a lot of direct light.

Keep them fresh

Just as you feel the heat as soon as you leave your house or approach a window, the same happens with your plants. Try to keep them away from sales that receive direct sunlight or rooms that are very hot.

If you have no other option, try to constantly check your soil and promote a humid climate.

Avoid changing the pot during the strongest hot season

When it is very hot, the plants tend to be stressed so it is not advisable to change them as they may not survive.

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