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What will be the plastics that will be banned from Friday in CDMX?

From next Friday, January 1, 2021, in the Mexico City will be prohibited the commercialization, distribution and delivery of products from single use plastic according Solid Waste Law.

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that next year there will be an information campaign on the ban on single-use plastics.

The above said, so as not to affect business that, in themselves, carry the impact of the pandemic.

“But at the beginning of the year, before fining, a work of persuasion, orientation, indication will be carried out, so that given the economic situation there is no greater impact on activities.”

Next, we share with you the list of plastics that will be prohibited according to the rule of the Solid Waste Law local that will take effect this Friday.

Plastics banned in the CDMX from 2021

-Mixing sticks
-Popotes or pajitas
-Cotton swab sticks
-Balloons and balloon rods
-Glasses and their tapas
-Trays to transport food
– Tampon applicators
Fmade entirely or partially of plastics, designed for disposal after a single use, except those that are compostable.

Can you use biodegradable plastics?

Provided that the products comply with the compostability certificate, they can be marketed, distributed and delivered to the consumer.

Will styrofoam be banned?

From the year 2021, products made totally or partially of plastic, which have been designed for disposal after a single use, will be prohibited.

Styrofoam is a plastic, which is why products made from this material will be prohibited.

What will be the penalties for using single-use plastics in CDMX?

According to the Solid Waste Law, the fines range from 500 to 2000 times the Unit of Measurement and Update of Mexico City (UMACDMX), that is: from 42 thousand 245 pesos to 168 thousand 980.

SEDEMA is the authority empowered to fine for non-compliance with the law.

Where to report?

Complaints can be sent through the mail [email protected]

If I have doubts, where can I solve them?

By phone at the number 52789931 ext. 5470 or email: [email protected]

It should be remembered that on January 1 of this year the prohibition to commercialize, distribute and deliver disposable plastic bags in all commercial establishments.

The Sedema has reported that the change had an acceptance of 90% of the citizenship and that only between 7 and 8% of the shops continue to give these plastics, but that it is new businesses.

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