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What treatment is not being given to Trump for emergency? | america – World

There have been reports that US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump are staying in the White House during treatment after a Corona infection. It has also been told to you that factors such as age of Trump, obesity, high cholesterol level can prove to be dangerous for their health during Kovid infection. And News18 also told that what can be the situation if the principal candidate of US Presidential Election dies. Now tell you what treatment is being given to Trump to deal with Corona ?.

There were reports that Trump was being treated with Remidisivir, an effective drug in malaria, but according to the latest reports, the US President is being given an experimental antibody cocktail. What is this therapy and tell you all the important things related to it.

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What is this experimental therapy?REGN-COV2 is a therapy against the novel corona virus, which continues to be used and is being used to treat the trump. Regeneron Pharma, the firm that developed the therapy, claims that experiments have shown that this antibody cocktail produced good results in decreasing virus load and that patients who were not hospitalized also had symptoms.

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Trump is being given an experimental drug against Kovid 19.

This cocktail has been specifically developed with a mixture of two monoclonal antibodies REGN10933 and REGN10987 to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2.

What is the research behind this therapy?
Clinical trials of 1/2/3 phase of this cocktail are currently underway in the US. It was tried on 275 patients in the first phase and 1300 patients in the second and third phase. Its trials started in June. The company claims that more than 2000 people had approved for its trial and the trial data so far had no unexpected results.

Does it work in any combination?
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet given the right to use it in emergency, but in some cases it can be treated experimentally. Since it is still in the trial of therapy, it is not currently being used with any other combination.

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The New York Times detailed this Told in the news In the case of Trump, the REGN-COV2 cocktail is being given with generic versions of zinc, vitamin D and antacid Pepcid.

How many tested are these drugs?
Trial of this drug has been done on the patients who are not admitted in the hospital and the trial is going on on the hospitalized patients in the second and third phase. Apart from this, trials of this drug are going on in the UK. The exercise of deciding patients for the fourth phase of this drug is also going on.

Is the medicine prepared from mice?
The development work of this drug had started at the beginning of this year. Experiments with virus neutralized antibodies were performed on genetically engineered mice and observed that the same results were found in experiments with antibodies of people recovering from Kovid 19. Drug maker Company says After that, the development and production of this drug progressed.

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