What law did Alberto Fernández demand of the deputies in the toast?

President Alberto Fernndez led this afternoon, at the Olivos Residence, a toast for the end of the year with deputies from the Frente de Todos and asked them work in 2021 on the judicial reform project, which was sent to Congress and has the half sanction of the Senate.

At the meeting, a legislative balance of the year was carried out and the parliamentary challenges for the coming year were analyzed. Of the toast, they participated 62 national deputies in person and the rest of the members of the block, made up of 119 legislators, for the Zoom application.

After the meeting the deputy Rodolfo Tailhade said at a press conference that the President “once again insisted on sending to Congress laws related to the functioning of Justice, after the work done by the advisory council that he ordered to create”, and pointed out that He urged them for “judicial reform” to “address this issue and work on it.”

In that sense, he indicated that the President “send several projects” related to Justice because “the dimension of democracy needs to reformulate the Judicial Power.”

Tailhade cont that this to “la Cmara double session of what it did in 2018 and 2019 “and remarked that” 60 laws sent by the Government were approved. “

The President encouraged the deputies “to continue working in this way, not lower their arms,” ​​said the legislator, and also said that in the toast “there was a survey of achievements and conquests” and Fernndez “He spoke of the 20 truths that the press published today, which are 20 management achievements.”

The aforementioned 20 truths is a summary that the President wrote today that highlights official actions of all kinds, from the strengthening of the health system to face the pandemic to the agreement with private creditors, passing through social policies. Point 20 is, of course, the sanction of the law of legal abortion.

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