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What is the Gaza Strip and what conflict is there?

The Gaza Strip is located in the Middle East: 51 kilometers of this border with the southwest of Israel and another 11 kilometers with the northeast of the sinai peninsula, on Egypt.

It’s a self-governed territory which is part of State of Palestine, governed by the Palestinian National Authority, but which, since June 2007, is governed by Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic organization, considered a terrorist organization by eight countries.

The Gaza Strip, With West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, is considered by the international community as “occupied territory” by Israel since 1967. In addition, since 2007 it has been subject to a military blockade by Israel Y Egypt.

What conflict is there in the Gaza Strip?

Military escalation between Israel Y Hamas, which has left more than 30 dead, intensified in the last hours with a shower of rockets launched by that Islamist group against Tel Aviv and the retaliation of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip.

This follows the violent clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli police, recorded in the Esplanade of the Mosques on the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Israeli attacks with planes and helicopters have left, until Tuesday, at least 28 dead on the Palestinian side, including 10 children, and about 125 wounded, according to him Gaza Ministry of Health.

In reaction, Hamas fired on Tuesday 130 rockets against the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, where the anti-aircraft alarms sounded that caused panic among the population.

The international community has called for calm and Muslim countries have expressed their outrage, over what is the worst outbreak of violence in years between the islamist movement in power in the Gaza Strip e Israel, triggered by clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters in East jerusalem.

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