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What is the forecast for this Sunday? Will it rain?

After almost 40 degrees this Saturday in the Upper Valley, from the National Meteorological Service (SMN) announced for this Sunday that it will becloudy with low probabilities of rains and with a maximum of 29 degrees.

After the wind and rain, in some parts of the region, last night, this morning dawned cloudy. According to the national body, there is a low probability of rain towards mid-morning and afternoon, with some drizzle towards night.

Although the heat will not reach 38 degrees yesterday, the announced temperature will be between a minimum of 25 degrees and a maximum of 29 degrees. The wind will reach 31 km / h in the morning and will decrease somewhat towards the afternoon.

Cloudy weather was forecast for Monday morning, which will clear around noon and afternoon. The maximum temperature will be at 28 and the minimum at 18. The wind will be felt a little more. In the morning it will be at 50 km / h and gusts from the southwest could reach 69 km / h.

According to the SMN, Tuesday will be mostly cloudy, with a very low probability of rain, and a maximum of 28 degrees and a minimum of 15 km / h. A west wind is announced that will oscillate between 31 and 41 km / h and gusts that could reach 50 km / h.

Wednesday will be slightly cloudy with a slight rise in temperature that will be between 17 and 33 degrees. The wind will be practically imperceptible during the day.

The cloudy sky will continue on Thursday, as will the maximum temperature. Although, the wind will not bother and there are no chances of rain in the Upper Valley.

Always according to the SMN, Friday will not vary too much. The sky will continue to be somewhat cloudy, with no possibility of rain and the maximum will be at 33 degrees Celsius.

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