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What is behind the Queen’s statement about the interview?

A day and a half after Harry and Meghan’s TV interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast, the palace issued a statement early Tuesday evening. But what does this mean for the broken relationship within the royal family?

On Sunday, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s much-anticipated interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey was broadcast on US television. In it were Allegations of racism against Meghan within the Royal Family The former actress also complained about the lack of support within the palace. On Tuesday, the palace published a statement from the Queen. This is classified very differently.

The announcement from Buckingham Palace said that Queen Elizabeth II took the accusations of racism expressed by Harry and Meghan “very seriously”. “The questions raised, especially those related to racism, are worrying,” said the 94-year-old monarch.

“This message was very sensible”

The British newspaper Metro wrote on Wednesday that one handed Harry and Meghan an “olive branch” with the official statement, despite different points of view. “This message was very sensible, calm, generous and in a spirit of reconciliation,” said royal biographer Hugo Vickers at the BBC.

  (Quelle: Buckingham Palace via AP) (Quelle: Buckingham Palace via AP)

“The Telegraph” commented that the Queen’s choice of words suggested “that the family does not agree with everything the Sussexes have said”. Indeed, the monarch had declared: “While some memories can vary, they are taken very seriously and discussed privately in the family.” This sentence makes it clear that the allegations will probably no longer be commented on externally.

Elizabeth said she was “sad” to “learn the full extent of how challenging the past few years have been for Harry and Meghan”. Her grandson and Meghan and their son Archie would “always be very beloved family members”. The title was omitted in the entire statement. It seems very approachable and therefore also forgiving. According to “Adelswelt” expert Anika Helm, it is rather questionable that there will be a reconciliation in the near future, the allegations were too serious. Nevertheless, it should be clear that the Royal Family naturally wants to appear to the outside world as a close community.

“The Sun” emphasizes persistent differences

The Times wrote: “Even if the statement underlines the family’s love for Harry and Meghan, as expected, the end result is more decisive than many had imagined.” The palace will not accept all allegations “unchallenged”. The tabloid “Sun” chose the Queen’s quote “Some memories may vary” as its title to emphasize persistent differences.

Meghan had said in the interview that during her first pregnancy there were “worries and discussions” in the royal family about her unborn child about “how dark his skin may be when it is born”.

In addition, the 39-year-old ex-actress said that she was because of the constant negative media coverage of her person Had thoughts of suicide and a high-ranking palace representative prevented her from receiving psychological help out of concern for the image of the royals. Harry reported that he felt “abandoned” by his father Charles. According to their own statements, the two raised their problems within the family. It seems a bit strange that the statement sounds like you heard about all of this for the first time through the interview.

Harry and Meghan in conversation with Oprah Winfrey.  (Source: dpa / Joe Pugliese / Harpo Productions)Harry and Meghan in conversation with Oprah Winfrey. (Source: Joe Pugliese / Harpo Productions / dpa)

Former Royals correspondent Peter Hunt criticized the statement from the royal family. He described the 61-word long written response from the Queen on the BBC radio station as the “bare minimum” at a time when the Royals were “really in a tight spot”. “In my judgment it was too little and it was too late,” said Hunt. However, it is questionable whether a detailed statement will come from the Royal Family.

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