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What if Donald Trump refuses to leave power even after the defeat? | america – World

US President Donald Trump has been engulfed in controversy over the upcoming election. Recently, he gave a disparaging statement, according to which he will not leave the power peacefully even if he is defeated. However, he also claims that he will win. In the press talks, Trump’s peculiar answer has sparked discussion on the peaceful transfer of power in the US. Know, what if Trump or a president refuses to hand over the winning party after the election defeat.

Trump gave an intimidating statement

If you look at the latest case, on September 16, Trump talking to reporters at the White House erupted. In fact, he was asked what he would do if he lost. On the matter of power being handed over to the opposition party peacefully, Trump trumped that he would see. Trump refused to answer further questions from the journalist who questioned him in this regard. Surprisingly, Trump’s presidential candidate Joe Biden called Trump a dictator. Let me tell you that during an interview with Fox News earlier also, Trump had said that he would accept the magnitude of the election, it is not sure.

US President Donald Trump and opposition candidate Joe Biden (Photo-CNBC)

Can a defeated president refuse to hand over power
Now the question is arising whether the losing party can even refuse to give power to the winning party! Experts are not very good about this. In a report published in The Atlantic, the opinion of lawgiver Lawrence Douglas indicates this. Douglas says that the US constitution does not talk about the peaceful transfer of power, rather he anticipates that it will happen. In such a situation, if a president refuses to give power to a party that has won power even after the defeat, then there is no separate thing in the US Constitution for this. These situations can be frightening, especially when America is already weakened by the Corona infection.

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There has been a book written on fear
In this regard, Douglas has also written a book, in which this lack of constitution is discussed. In this book called Will He Go? It has been speculated that what could be the situation if an American president refuses to step down after the defeat. Experts are debating on this, but since there is no separate provision for this in the constitution, at the moment, estimates are being made as to what can happen if this happens. In this regard, US Attorney Barbara Macquade says that till now it was not even thought in America, but now this apprehension is seen for the first time.

This time America is going to vote via email or post- Pixabay

Trump suspected postal voting
By the way, Trump has also raised doubts over voting (mail-in-ballot) via email or post. They are constantly talking about this, that it can lead to rigging in the elections. Please tell that due to Corona infection in America, there will be postal voting this time. Voting by post is a special process, in which every voter associated with the voting list receives a blank postal ballot. This is done where the ballot can reach electronically. If the voter cannot adopt the electronic method for some reason, then they send the ballot through the postal service. Commenting on this arrangement, Trump has said that people can remove ballots from mailboxes. And there are many types of rigging.

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How America’s Electoral Mathematics Works
In the election of the most important post in the super power country, many maths work. Winning or losing in America is not decided by more or less votes. Trump’s vote count in 2016 was 3 million less than Hillary Clinton, but he became president. The reason for this is that the President in the US does not make up with the vote of the public, but for this, the Electoral College works. The Electoral College is actually a body, formed by the vote of the public. It can also be understood that a group of officers is formed by the vote of the public, which is called an electoral college. These are the electors and together they choose the President. The Vice-President also chooses this body.

If no one gets majority, then it is also broken in America – indicative photo (Pixabay)

How does electoral college work
There are a total of 538 members but according to the population of each state, the electors of that state are elected. That is, if a state is large, then more electors will be elected so that they can represent their population in the right way. As California has a large population, so there are 55 electors. At the same time, there are only 3 members in Washington DC, who will play a role in electing the President.

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What happens when majority is not found
In these conditions, the House of Representatives of America has the right to vote among themselves and elect the President. However, this has happened only once till date. In the year 1824, the Electoral College was divided among four candidates and none could get majority. It happened then. This time, since there are only two parties, there will be no chance of going here. However, now a new fear has come to light that there may be defeat, Trump should not easily hand over power to the winning party.

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