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"What Hamilton did in 2 laps, Rosberg did in 1000"

James Vowles, chief strategist for the Mercedes Formula 1 team, made a difference between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg after working with both for several years.

The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton Y Nico Rosberg In the 2016 Formula 1 season, he continues to make people talk, even years after the German’s retirement. And in an interview with the official F1 podcast, Beyond the Grid, big names from Mercedes like chief strategist James Vowles they made comparisons between the two pilots.

In the early years of Mercedes’ dominance in F1, Rosberg ended up falling into the role of second driver, despite being the oldest of the team. But in 2016 he ended up finding a way to surpass Hamilton and win the title.

According to Vowles, the two were best friends in childhood and gradually became enemies because of competitiveness, and there was a big difference between them.

When it came to making a difference between the two, Vowles commented: “If you gave Nico 1000 laps, little by little he would achieve an extraordinary performance. If you gave Lewis two laps, he did the same immediately. Nico shone when given. time and realize what his teammate is doing. “

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In 2016, only Hamilton and Rosberg were in contention for the title, and the German took the championship with a five-point lead despite winning nine races to ten of the Briton. Shortly after lifting the cup, Rosberg stunned the world by announcing his retirement.

“Toto called us into his office,” Vowles said of the timing of the surprising retreat. “We didn’t know what to expect. But if Toto had asked us to guess what it was about, he wouldn’t have guessed right. It was a very strange moment.”

“Even today it’s hard to understand why he chose to leave. Because even assuming he wouldn’t win Lewis again, he had a good car, he would win races and he would be part of a team that did a great job.”

Recently Toto Wolff He also referred to the years when Hamilton and Rosberg shared a team in Mercedes and said that no one in the team predicted the fight between the two drivers.

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