In the absence of five days, Atlas is located last in the percentage classification, followed by the Potosinos and the border horses

Five dates until Guard1anes 2021 ends, Atlas, Atlético San Luis and FC Juárez have the goal of picking up the pace so as not to be last place in the quotient table and pay a fine of 120 million pesosHowever, there is still a lot of history to write despite the fact that there are less than two months of competition left.

Until before the start of the date 13 of this weekend, Los Rojinegros are the last place in the percentage with just 1.0000 of quotient, this with 96 points in 96 games played. If at the end of the tournament this remains the case, the people of Guadalajara will be obliged to pay the financial fine and they will not be able to play in the league.

“If a club occupies the last place in the quotient table, but because of the place it occupies in the general classification table, it could participate in the final phase of the Clausura 2021 tournament, it will not be able to participate in that phase and would be obliged to give up its place to the next highest ranked club, ”says article 23 of the Liga MX competition regulations.

Penultimate in the quotient table is Atlético San Luis, which in 63 games has added 64 points, for a quotient of 1.0159, just above the Atlas. The Foxes have 21 units left to play, this taking into account that they will have to play six-point matches, which will be against León and Necaxa.

“Derived from the cancellation of the Clausura 2020 tournament, the 7 days that were not carried out will score up to 6 points when the match between the Clubs takes place under the same conditions of premises and visits during the 2020-2021 Season”, says the same Article 23 of the competition regulations.

Under this tenor, the Potosinos have 18 points to play, including the six points against Pachuca.

If Atlético San Luis adds half of its points; that is to say nine units, the Foxes will be forced to reach 13 more points to save themselves and not pay the fine of 120 million pesos and run out of opportunity to play the playoffs, the area in which they are currently.

Finally, FC Juárez also got in the last places of the quotient table and, although it still has 10 points away with Atlas, and 24 units to play, including double-scoring duels against Cruz Azul and Querétaro, if he loses all his duels he could fall to the last place.

The border squad has a quotient of 1.1158, thanks to its 106 points in 95 commitments. Those now led by Luis Alfonso Sosa need, at least, add 11 of those 24 units to be officially saved.

This is how the fight is tightened not to be the last place in the quotient table and, although there is no decline, the clubs want to avoid paying a millionaire fine.