What did Brozo say about Morena and the vaccines that sparked the controversy on Channel Once?

After the controversy between Estefanía Veloz, collaborator of the program “De Buena Fe” on Canal Once, and “Brozo “, character embodied by Victor Trujillo, users of social networks circulated the video again in which the “dark clown” talks about the vaccine against Covid-19 and calls Andrés Manuel López Obrador “fucking president”.

But what is behind this controversy? Let’s remember that it all started when the clown “Brozo” called the president “fucking president” Andrés Manuel López Obrador in your portal program Lantin Us, same in which he reproached the President for handling the pandemic and a possible handling of the vaccine against Covid-19 for electoral purposes.

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At the time, the character of Víctor Trujillo questioned the reluctance of the federal government to request help from the private sector for the acquisition of vaccinations and said “for whom would it be the tragedy if the vaccine was available in the private sector? For us or for the government?

In the same way, he added that the pandemic was too big for the government, he predicted that the vaccine would be huge for him and said “I would not want to believe that someone was so perverse, mean and damn good to use the vaccine for electoral end “.

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Having said the above, the “tenebrous clown” delivered the phrase that sparked the current controversy that has kept the discussion on in social networks and triggered the conflict between Estefanía Veloz and Brozo.

“It is not going to happen to them to play with the desperation of the people. Remember, Andrés, you are not God, you are not the son of man, you are a fucking president, It either works for us or it doesn’t work for mothers, “said Brozo.

After that episode, Estefanía Veloz criticized Víctor Trujillo and his character, in a section of the Canal Once program, In good faith, and said that “the bad faith of the reactionaries has led them to use multiple disguises in order to gain a place in public discussion”, referring to Brozo.

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“The bad faith of the reactionaries in Mexico has led them to wear multiple disguises in order to gain a place in public discussion. Sometimes they have presented themselves as expert epidemiologists, other times as human rights defenders … and when flat their imagination runs out, they wear their most natural skin, that of a vagabond clown, for them there is no better representative than the comedian or journalist, Víctor Trujillo, better known as Brozo, “said Estefanía Veloz in the program of Canal Once.

After what was expressed by the host, politicians, journalists and entertainment figures defended Víctor Trujillo and they criticized that television spaces are used to make propaganda and apology for the current government.


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