What can happen to you if you never question Google Maps

Navigation applications are an excellent tool when traveling since, thanks to them, we can easily reach many destinations without the need to fight with the paper maps of a lifetime. However, blindly relying on them is not always advisable, especially when they suggest off-road routes that seem little traveled.

And it is that this can cause us some unexpected problems, as happened a few days ago when an American couple and their dog were driving their car on a highway in the state of Utah and Google Maps diverted their route to a road without any maintenance. The two young people strictly followed the directions that Google Maps marked them and the trip was more complicated than necessary.

If we never question the directions on Google Maps, we can find ourselves in situations like those of these American travelers.

If we never question the directions on Google Maps, we can find ourselves in situations like those of these American travelers.


This is how they ended up driving down Castleton-Gateway Road, a snowy track that became increasingly difficult. When they realized this, they had already covered a significant distance and, although they turned around, finally the passenger car got stuck in the snow at more than 2,500 meters of altitude.

Complicated situation

Two travelers were stuck in the snow for almost 24 hours with their car at more than 2,500 meters of altitude for following Google Maps

Their odyssey was not exactly short, as it lasted for almost 24 hours in which they were blocked and enduring low temperatures. Although they were able to contact rescue teams, the first crane to come to their aid also ended up stuck in the snow, further complicating the situation.

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The emergency services had to put in place a larger device and then send more vehicles to rescue them. Finally, it took two snowmobiles and an adapted buggy to get the youngsters and their pet out of the difficult place.

Part of the rescue teams that assisted the youths stuck in the snow.

Rescue teams assisting young people stuck in the snow.


It turns out that this is not the first time that a driver has been trapped on this same track in harsh winter weather after following one of the navigation applications without paying attention to the conditions of the terrain. In fact, just a few weeks ago, a helicopter even had to be mobilized to help other travelers in a similar situation.

For this reason, the emergency teams issued a warning for drivers to take it into account, since in certain areas of the road there is no type of mobile phone coverage and the situation may end up leading to serious consequences for the occupants. cause of cold.

Prudence in isolated areas

Being trapped with the car in snowy areas and without mobile phone coverage can end up with serious consequences for the occupants

As the authorities assure, even well-equipped off-road vehicles have been stuck on several occasions in very deep snow areas along this road.

For this reason, they always recommend checking local road conditions before leaving the main roads as well as bringing extra warm clothing, food and water in case such a situation occurs.

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In any case, we must not overlook the many uses that navigation applications can have, such as the one you can see in the case of the following video. On this occasion, satellite images from Google Maps were used to find a car that had been sunk in a swamp for more than two decades with its deceased owner inside.

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